Rivals’ 2010 recruiting rankings, adjusted

Wisely, each year Rivals adjusts their recruiting rankings based on who actually made it into school.

It’s one thing to sign a good class; it’s another to sign players who will actually make it onto campus.

See the full list on the Rivals site, but below is the top ten of the 25 released rankings.  Seems the barn can’t say they out recruited their big brother anymore.

Rivals’ 2010 Enrolled Team Rankings Top 10

1. Florida
Signing Day Rank: 2
Biggest Loss: S Jordan Haden

2. Texas
Signing Day Rank: 3
Biggest Loss: None

3. USC
Signing Day Rank: 1
Biggest Loss: OT Seantrel Henderson

4. LSU
Signing Day Rank: 6
Biggest Loss: OG Elliott Porter

5. Alabama
Signing Day Rank: 5
Biggest Loss: DE Alfy Hill

6. Auburn
Signing Day Rank: 4
Biggest Loss: OT Shon Coleman

7. Oklahoma
Signing Day Rank: 7
Biggest Loss: None

8. Florida State
Signing Day Rank: 10
Biggest Loss: WR De’Joshua Johnson

Signing Day Rank: 8
Biggest Loss: LB Josh Shirley

10. Tennessee
Signing Day Rank: 9
Biggest Loss: S Eddrick Lofte

By the way, with 2-five star commits and 10-four stars, Bama is currently sitting at #2 for the 2011 class.  Where’s abarn?

Seems another flash in the pan just took place in Lee County.


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