NFL: What is up with Big Ben?

I’m ready for the NFL season to get started. One big item in the NFL is what is going on in Pittsburgh.

AP: Roethlisberger was suspended for six games after being accused of sexually assaulting a Georgia college student in March. He was not criminally charged in the case.

If Goodell reduces the suspension to four games, Roethlisberger will be back for Pittsburgh’s game against Cleveland on Oct. 17. Otherwise, he’ll be out until the Steelers visit New Orleans on Halloween night.

“I would just assume that I’ll sit and talk to him. We’ll have good communication and talk and find out things he has to say,” Roethlisberger said. “I’m sure he’ll want to hear what I want to say and we’ll go from there.” (read more about what is happening in the NFL in this AP story below)


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    Cappy, I’m not up on this issue, so sorry if already discussed.

    But if Ben wasn’t charged in the case, how is the NFL able to suspend him for anything?

    I’m not saying I doubt he did it. Just wondering how they connect the dots to a suspension if there’s nothing in court to say he did wrong.

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    ITK — Roger Goodell wants to rule his league with an “iron fist”. I believe I read some report in the past that he is contemplating retirement and the torch would be passed on to someone else.

    Ben violated the league’s personal conduct policy which is why he got slapped with the 6 gamer. I can guarantee if the Steelers go 2-2 — the Rooney’s will be making a financial contribution to Goodell’s account of choice to shorten the suspension to 4 games. The Steelers are a marquee brand and team associated with Super Bowl’s — and since he was never charged with anything and didn’t go through any litigation process — it’s a sure bet he’ll be back in 4 games hand’s down.

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    (cont.) — the NFL personal conduct policy is basically this — don’t go out and make an ass of yourself especially drunk (i.e., nightclubs, corporate events, etc.) — and absolutely NOTHING to do with getting caught up with the law

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    I, for one, hope Ben’s suspension is wiped out entirely or heavily reduced. I say this, of course, because I drafted him on my fantasy team. 😛

    P.S. In the interest of keeping this comment short, I will not go into details on why exactly I drafted him. Suffice to say, he was not my first choice.

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    Yeah – ain’t he on the third tier or somn like that? I see success with your fantasy pick of Ben mid to late season after your first rounders get injured.

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