Saban and Meyer talk agents and NCAA

Alabama Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban and Florida coach Urban Meyer talk agents and the NCAA in this AP story (read the whole thing below.) But here is a selection on the NCAA investigations into player eligibility issues.

From the AP: In the meantime, Meyer said Florida’s message to players concerning agents hasn’t changed while the Gators await results of an investigation into allegations that former offensive lineman Maurkice Pouncey accepted money from an agent between the SEC championship game and the Sugar Bowl.

“We’re waiting to see what comes out of this (NCAA investigation),” Meyer said. “We wear them out around here about that stuff. Everything’s coming back positive about the investigation. I’m not sure it’s finished or not. But I think we do everything by the book, and I’d be disappointed if I found something that we don’t because we educate them and we meet with the families and we do everything we can.”

Saban said Thursday he still hasn’t heard the results of an investigation into a trip to Miami’s South Beach taken by defensive end Marcell Dareus. (the entire AP report follows below)


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