Nick Saban becoming big multimedia presence

AP: “He’s portrayed as somebody who is almost robotic in his drive and his commitment toward football,” Guffin said. “I had the perception before we had the opportunity to observe him and get to know him that he was football 24-7, 365 days a year.

“He’s a guy who has learned how to keep things in balance. He’s a guy who clearly knows how to have a good time and who enjoys time with his family and enjoys time with his friends. He’s got a really sharp wit. We had the opportunity to hear some stories from friends of his of things that they have done in the past. He certainly has a mischievous streak as good as the next guy. He’s much more three-dimensional to me after being around him and getting to know people who know him.”

It’s just the latest example of Saban’s multimedia presence. He was on the cover of Forbes magazine two years ago as the “most powerful man in sports.” He appeared as himself in the movie “The Blind Side.”

Now, there’s the ESPN special and documentary back to back.

Alabama tailback Mark Ingram was a big presence on the TV program, even doing handstand pushups after one of the crew members challenged him to a pushup contest of the regular variety.

“I haven’t seen that much of it,” Ingram said, “so I need to catch somebody who Tivo-ed it.”

He said he didn’t know anything about the documentary.

Might it be Saban’s choice for the Friday night team movie before the opener next Saturday against San Jose State?

“That’s always coach’s decision,” Ingram said, “but I doubt he’ll pick that.” (read the entire AP report below)