Auburn slapped with reality; FWAA gets it right

Went to lunch with a friend today and had disturbing conversation.  Seems he has invested over $3,000 in the new Iraqi currency, which at the moment is more worthless than the Mexican peso…or closer to home, the U.S. penny.

But the lure is that once the new Iraqi government stands on its own, the Iraqi dinar…once valued at $1 dinar to $3 U.S. dollars…will quickly appreciate, and those who have made this investment will be filthy stinking rich.

The problem is, Saddam Hussein is the one who personally set the 3:1 value on the old dinar, not the general global economy or other traditional economic factors.

After a little post-lunch study on the matter today I almost lost my lunch.  It appears to be a scam…and just another case where something for nothing equals nothing.  My friend, who deserves a break, will likely not even break even.

Something from nothing equals and has always equaled nothing.

Abarn learned the same lesson today when the Football Writers Association of America voted to strip USC of the Grantland Rice Trophy for the 2004 season and leave the ’04 season without a champion.  You can get the details here.

The FWAA is one of four major championship selectors recognized by the NCAA and has been awarding the Grantland Rice trophy since 1954.

When USC was hit by the NZAA, immediately following speculation grew that the FWAA would strip the Trojans of their award.  And even sooner the drum began to beat for abarn to become the rightful recipient of their first meaningful championship since three years before John F. Kennedy took office.

The slanted Alabama media began its campaign to give the tiggers a boost in yet another ploy to set abarn on equal footing with Alabama.  Birmingham columnist Kevin Scarbinsky wore his heart on his sleeve as he openly campaigned (shocker) for Auburn to be recognized as the rightful champion.

The scene reminded me of the old McDonald’s commercials, where the Hamburglar would try to steal Ronald’s hamburgers.  However, at the end of every commercial the lovable villain was routinely “foiled again”, yet everyone would be sitting around happily eating McDonald’s hamburgers, sharing with him.

Well, in this case, abarn learned that championships are earned; they aren’t given out like government cheese.  And in the end no one is going to hand you one just because you’re standing there…looking pitiful with your hand out.

So, putting a bow on the 2004 season, here’s what we know.  USC cheated.  Oklahoma stayed #2 from the beginning to end.  And Auburn had its best football team in history…and still came up empty. Had Oklahoma had the fortune of facing Virginia Tech in the Sugar Bowl that year…not the weegles…the Sooner fanbase would be the ones going to bed tonight on tear-stained pillows.

Instead, abarn has learned yet again they just aren’t good enough.

So high school football recruits out there…

  • If you want to run out of the tunnel through fire extinguisher smoke…
  • If you want to learn the fundamentals of chop blocking…
  • If you want to play someplace where a bird flying to get a rubber mouse gets fans in a frenzy…
  • If you want to walk arm and arm out of the tunnel in a neat-o way…
  • If you want to be at the center of unmerited, unearned media hype to balance the economics of fan bases…
  • If you want to get a parade for an eight win season…
  • If you want to be considered a hero for losing 63% of your league games…
  • If you want the pinnacle of your season to be that 12th game…

Go to Auburn.

But if you want to play for championships…and win them, earning the right to be called the best and breathe the rare, crisp air at the top of the mountain…if you’re good enough to be asked, there’s only one place for you…

The University of Alabama.

Something from nothing equals nothing.  And 2004, well, it meant nothing.  However, 2009, and 2010….2011…2012…

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  1. 1

    Yea, all that oil isn’t worth anything over there I guess. Once it’s flowing and the there is a sturdy government Start counting the Bucks!

  2. 2

    Someone please tell Jay Barker he played for Alabama. He’s becoming an Abarn kiss a$$. Aubarn won all the games in 2004 but didn’t win the big one. Let it go barn you came in third or second whatever.

  3. 3

    We don’t usually engage in economic debate in here, but…there are plenty of examples where your insinuation, dinaguy, doesn’t hold true.

    Venezuela is one of the world’s top 5 oil producers with oil providing fully half of the government’s revenue. And yet the Venezuelan Bolivar, their currency, is now only worth a fraction of what it was in the year 2000.

    Like abarn’s 2004 season, it just isn’t worth much today.

  4. 4

    I agree with you ITK on the Iraq currency thing…That portion of the world will have to be RULED over, by someone to keep that section of the world from total unrest. Sadam ruled then unjustly , but he ruled them. The U.S. military finally gets the upper hand over there, and what does our dooshbag President do ? Pull out. Go figure…..We still have military bases in Germany , Japan, and even Cuba ( I know Barack said he would shut it down , but it aint happened yet). So why totally pull out of Iroq ? The President said he wanted us to have a continued prescence in the region, and it makes sense to carry on with our prescence.

    I hate politics. And Obamas many, many bad decisions are gonna bite us square in the arse real soon.

    As, far as the N.C. / Auburn story, who cares ? Auburn fans besides Charles from Reeltown , and Tammy dont give a crap.

  5. 7

    Yeah, I miss Hamburglar, the Fry Guys and Grimmace. Those were the days…

    And why do you think that’s so, Brando? Because he’s here so often. We have finally put the Crimson stamp on him and he sees clearly. Good for him.

  6. 8

    Like I said when the whole FWAA thing first came up, who cares? The bama fans were 100 times more interested in it than the AU fans. ITK, I’m just curious to know what you article would have said had the FWAA given it to AU. I’m sure you already wrote it.

  7. 10

    in terms of respect auburn is the trailer trash of the NCAA. The will bever get the respect they so desperately seek to validate themselves. Why, becasue 2004 and 6 in a row arent enough….

  8. 11
    Bama sucks

    Bama Sucks, just another opportunity for some redneck to try and say that Bama is somehow better than Auburn. AU, didn’t get in the championship because of media bias, not because they weren’t good enough. Your comment on OU, if they had played VA Tech, they would be crying on their pillow not because they got left out, but because they would have been blown out by Va Tech. If AU would have played USC, they would have won, the cheaters would have lost, and there would be not contraversy to write about.
    As for your BAMA superiority complex, BAMA just happened to be good back in the days before television and National Broadcasts. So they get the benefit of the media bias, thus will never get left out of the BCS.
    At least AU earns everything they get, so lay off and tip your cap.

  9. 12

    Well, until Auburn earns SOMETHING, they do not compare to Bama. And you just need to get over that. Your ‘ifs’ and ‘could have’ is not the same as ‘been there and done that’ so you need to get off of your inferiority complex and give Bama their due respect, if you want to be honest with yourself.

  10. 13

    Jay “Evans” has benefited financially from Colonial Bank .
    Jay lives in Mountain Brook and him and the Missus are struggling to cover their bases in Mountain Brook Society.
    Even Old Money Mountain Brook Auburn Fans know the Deal.
    Jay ain’t never going to be allowed into the Mountain Brook Country Club .

  11. 14

    So what ??? Jay Barker sweat and blead for Alabama and knows 1,000 times more than any of you sacks what it means to be an Alabama man. He led your team to one of the “13” and what has it gotten him ? Ridiculed by the “Bama Nation”…It just kills me to hear the way you Bama people throw your own under the bus. Had he raped and pillaged, no one would care….But do business with Bobby Lowder or say something not negative about Auburn…Watch it buddy….

    He is just doing his job, trying to cover the sports in this state without bias.

    Bama fans are terrible.

  12. 15

    Poor auburn. Thought they might actually get an actual trophy to put in that empty trophy case. That “Peoples” National Championship trophy is mightly lonely sitting in there by itself.

  13. 16

    BP, Jay is considered to be a great QB amongst most Bama fans. I think he was a great leader for that NC team. But, as we all know, the defense was the strength of that particular team. I have never heard another Bama fan ‘throw him under the bus’. But you guys embrace Pat Dye, who left a black mark on the program. Why don’t you guys ever throw him under the bus?

    But no matter how bad you think Bama fans are, we are nothing compared to the hate and teeth gnashing of the Auburn fans. You guys are collectively the biggest jerks about mediocrity I have ever seen.

  14. 17

    Jay Barker won us our 12 tn NC with a great defense and a very good running game and just enough passing to keep every other team honest. I’ve watched Jay Barker all through his Alabama day’s
    he was better than Gene Stallings let him be. But when Jay said he would give the barn the NC without playing for it on the field it struck a nerve. If I ever met Jay I would thank him for his blood & guts on the field. I didn’t want him under the bus but I wanted him to hear the bus horn.

  15. 18

    Yeah, Pat Dye did some things that were not good for the university, but, he did much more that was good for Auburn. That is why I for one will not throw him under bus.

    Jay did a lot of good for th UA program, and that is just one of MANY bad remarks i have heard about him and his family. The reasoning for the Barker hate is because he doesnt hate Auburn. I dont get that.

  16. 20

    fact-dye payola is alive and well
    fact – the 03 usc trojans shut out the au tigers 23 0 at jh – look it up – au had no bidness in any title game – would have been worst disgrace since byu in 84

  17. 22

    2004 Strength of Schedule:
    7. USC
    13. Oklahoma
    60. Auburn

    Auburn’s OOC schedule in 2004 included The Citadel, LA Tech, and LA Monroe.

    Of course we’re talking about the same school that dropped the FSU game out of fear.

  18. 24

    Bama fan there is not way that is correct…You are probably looking at OOC strength of schedule. We had a stronger schedule than USC or Chokelahoma that year.

  19. 25

    Bamafan, AU played 5 yeams in the top 15 that year, 4 of which were in the top 10. You think USC or Okla matched that?

    I do give you credit on one point that you make. Having to play that pathetic Bama team that year did seriously drag down AU’s strength of schedule.

  20. 26

    when hammah congratulate you, you not very much like saban. more like dog that been beat too much and return to own vomit. food for thought.

  21. 27

    Much like playing Auburn this year will drag down Bamas, which is the toughest in the country this year. Oh, and Auburns is soft again this year.

  22. 29

    Julio, you mean the Bama team that had you shut out 6-0 at halftime?

    Oh wait, YA’LL are the ones that brag about the amount of time you lead in a game you lost, not us. Sorry.

  23. 30

    That is because I was doing my “hammah” imitation, young padawan. If there was not a cognitive thought , then it must have been a dead ringer !!!!!!

    I will translate…..Bamafan, If Hammah is agreeing with you , then you have a problem……….

  24. 31

    Well BP no one knew it was an imitation. It is pretty close to what you are usually spewing. Get ready for a long year and that dreaded day of the Iron Bowl. You know its coming. Again.

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