Did ESPN help Alabama land its latest recruit?

It is just not fair.

You can bet you’ll hear that from the Auburn callers on today’s Paul Finebaum Radio Network. These callers like Charles will be upset that the Alabama Crimson Tide landed a commitment from a top recruit for the 2012 recruiting class. According to reports, Eddie Williams of Arnold High School in Panama City, Florida committed to the Crimson Tide.

What makes this commitment interesting is the role played by the ESPN broadcast of Alabama’s Fall Camp.

According to Tider Insider($), “All you heard around here from the kids last week was, ‘Did you see Alabama’s practice last night?’ It was the talk of the school,” says Panama City Beach-Arnold head coach James Hale. “Eddie watched that every night and it might have had something to do with him going ahead and making a decision. I think that got him to thinking about being a part of Alabama football.”

You can bet other fans will complain too. You’ll hear whines about how ESPN favors the SEC, and how ESPN loves Nick Saban. The cries will only increase when the Nick Saban movie hits theaters.

How long until some yahoo proposes a new Saban rule? Or maybe Auburn’s Gene Chizik will try to demand equal time. Regardless, Alabama’s recruiting will continue to roll along. Whines won’t stop Nick Saban.


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    You seem to forget that Auburn had a show last year. It wasnt on ESPN, but was coverage notheless.

    Congrats. Big deal. Whoopadeedoooo…

  2. 4

    Yes, we did forget that Auburn had a show.

    In fact, I didn’t even know that they had one last year. Was it on a Public Access channel?

  3. 5

    Someone already proposed the name of the equal-time movie for Cheeze-it:


    (Heard it on Finebaum a couple of weeks ago.)

  4. 7

    Win a BCS then you might get a little attention.You aubies fans know that kids want to play for a team that has a chance year in year out.And sorry but that is where your team falls out of picture.Get use to it because bottom line is you will not win big with CHEESE.rollllllllllllllllllllll TIDEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  5. 15
    To taad

    Roll tide. I bet chizik would whine for equal time on espn. But I feel sorry for auburn We should give them a show on comedy central. Bc watching them get destroyed by other teams is hilarious.

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