Chiznik knows him some quarterbacks

“I’ve been around some great quarterbacks as a defensive coordinator, starting with Daunte Culpepper. You’ve got Jason Campbell. You’ve got Vince Young. You’ve got Colt McCoy.”

Abarn head coach Frank Chiznik

Frank Chiznik wants you to know something.  His quarterback, which has never taken a meaningful snap of college football, is likened to Heisman Trophy winning Vince Young.

His expertise as a defensive coordinator leads him to say authoritatively that Camputer Newton is as good as three time Pro Bowl quarterback Daunte Culpepper.

Though his abarn team was among the worst tackling defensive squads in the SEC last year, don’t let that fool you.  Chiznik is a defensive genius. He can spot talent. Which is why he tapped Ted Roof to man his D for him.  And we know how good Roof is.

But it’s that keen eye that gives Frank Chiznik the wherewithal to look you in the eye and say without hesitation that his young, laptop stealing, ex-Gator reprobate is every bit as good as the winning-est quarterback in Texas football history.

Totally dismiss that Camputer was “held out” of the spring game when ESPN2 finally ended coverage of a high school lacrosse match (true) to show up on the scene in abarn’s A-Day game.

It wasn’t like the laptop leader needed live game action in front of a crowd.  He played in front of dozens every Saturday as a Blinn Community College Buccaneer last season.  Taking that team all the way to the top against competition Georgia State or South Alabama would have a hard time handling speaks volumes.

And Chiznik knows it.

The SEC has no idea what’s about to be unleashed on them.  Chiznik doesn’t either, really, because the Dell delinquent has been held out of major participation in at least one scrimmage this fall as well.  But don’t let that fool you.  This Apple architect has a cool name…Cam Newton…and he once suited up for a dominant community college football program.  Hence, he has to be good.

That’s what the media is selling right now as it tries to balance its coverage of abarn football in the state.  After all, the other half buy newspapers, click their mouses and tune in too.  They deserve some spin, regardless of its credibility.

And finally others are sitting up and taking notice.  Kirk Herbstreit had some kind words to say about the HP QB and abarn as well, with some solid predictions to follow.  Forget that this will be the 23rd season in a row he’s picked USC and Ohio State to meet for all the marbles.  Doesn’t matter my friend.

I for one am finally on board.  Just please disregard the fact that you would never…ever…hear two-time national champion head coach Nick Saban, world famous for avoiding comparisons of players, saying Brandon Gibson reminds him of Michael Clayton.

That doesn’t matter.  We need good news out of Lee County to compete with real news out of Tuscaloosa.

And from now on, consider me subscriber numero uno. I haven’t been this excited since the great Kodi Burns returned for his sophomore season after his cram-session spread performance against mighty Clemson in the Peach Bowl.

Pass me the funnel and bring on the kool-aid.  Weegle ya’ll!