Is it Boise State’s year to crash the BCS title game?

AP: But what about the ultimate prize: a shot at the national championship?

“It could happen,” said Boise State quarterback Kellen Moore, who many consider a Heisman Trophy candidate. “Every year there are different variables. Two years ago we were undefeated but there were a handful of undefeated teams. Sometimes you lose out on those things.

“For us, it’s 12 opportunities to play your best. You play well, in the end you’re going to be doing something good. You’re going to have an opportunity to be in a good bowl game and maybe eventually some things will fall down and things will open up for us.” (read the entire Boise State preview below)


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    Va Tech should beat them handily. And maybe (we can hope) this will shut op the Boise’s and Utah’s of the world. I like the Bronco’s , but seriously, Va tech and Oregon State are the only two real teams that they play. And that is giving Oregon State the benefit of the doubt.

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    VT has the much better football team. Team Smurf will have no answer for VT’s smashmouth running game.Team Smurf has fooled the nation, but not me. They only have 6 lifetime wins to show for 15 years of D1 ball.They have only had balls to schedule 17 regular season games vs AQ’s in those 15 years. Their record is a product of extremely weak competition.

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    If Boise did happen to get a chance to play for a BCS championship, that would show what is flawed with the system. No, team that plays Va. Tech and Oregon State should get the opportunity. And Brandi, you are now my official internet stalker.

    There is a pattern that is starting to rear its ugly, toothless, inbred head. I post a logical post that pertains to the subject at hand , and BLAM !!!!!!! There is Brandi to say “But Auburn SUX !!! Come get some !!!!!!!!!!!!!”….And when he is really in stalker mode he posts………then posts again right after his first post. It’s like he is re-reading his earlier post an then says ” I cant believe I didn’t say (fill in the blank). I’ll show him !!!!!!! And then re-posts….

    It’s like Goerge’s “jerk store” comeback on Seinfield, not funny to anyone but you.

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    No, Ballplay, I am not stalking you. I was on topic. I was talking about Boise State having more cred than Auburn right now. Sorry you get your feelings hurt so easily. I didn’t mean to make you cry.

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