Petrino is mean; questions about Hog situation

Can you, even for a minute, imagine what would happen if a reporter wore an Auburn cap to an Alabama press conference?

It happened in Arkansas last weekend, and the reporter was fired by the station she worked for.

According to reports, the reporter, Renee Gork, said she grabbed a Florida Gator cap on her way out the door Saturday because it was raining outside.  Gork is a Florida graduate.

At the presser, Gork asked the Razorback head coach a question.  After answering, he promptly replied “And that will be the last question I answer with that hat on.”

As early as Monday of this week, Gork was let go by the radio station.  Using the station’s Twitter account, the reporter offered:

“Was hoping to publicly apologize to coach Petrino and UA fans on the show today … but I won’t get that chance.  I’ve been fired.”

KAKS’ general manager Dan Storrs confirmed that Gork had been fired, offering no further comment but this one:

“This radio station is Hog Sports Radio. We are very biased. We support the Razorbacks 100 percent.”

A few questions linger for me on this one:

What would happen at Bama if a reporter showed up with a Gators hat?
Prediction: He/she would be heralded as an “open thinker”, not afraid to spit in the face of the mighty Crimson Tide, receiving praise from opposing fans.  He/she would write a column about any flack taken over it that would appear on the front page of the Birmingham News sports section. And Nick Saban would be painted as the bad guy, not secure enough in his millions to look past the “mistake”…because he’s too mean.

Does Bobby Petrino feel good knowing that a reporter lost her job?
If the hat wasn’t a stunt, and the rain story checks out, could Bobby Petrino pick up the phone, call the station, and make a case for the girl to get her job back?  Bobby’s raking in $2 Million+ a season, living in a mansion like most of us will never know the likes of. The reporter, likely just starting out, probably did well just to cover a one bedroom apartment. Would the pro Arkansas, “biased” station listen to the Hogs’ head man?  Ummm…you better believe it.

What would it be like to have good, pro Alabama sports radio in this town?
No Jay Barker, no Al “Doughboy” DelGreco. And for the love, no “word creating” Frank Sanders…all on the Birmingham, AL affiliate, WJOX.  No stirring.  No mudslinging.  Just solid Alabama coverage.  One can argue that biased coverage is not really news, but radio in this town…with few exceptions…is so bad, I’d like to find out for myself.

Media types are famous for pulling these kinds of stunts to gain notoriety for themselves.  Maybe that’s the case here.  Or maybe the girl, like 99% of girls, didn’t want her hair to get wet, and made a bad grab as she ran out the door.

Regardless, it’ll be interesting to hear where Renee Gork lands.  But it’s just hard to picture this happening in Alabama.


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  1. 3

    Even if it was true that she grabbed the hat by accident, she had to know it was on when she was talking to Petrino. I can wear my Auburn gear to the gas station and get comments, so I can only imagine she was “informed” that she was wearing a gators hat.

  2. 6
    crimson hammah

    fire the nut…reported that she was biotching about covering the rbacks and being a gator…gtho and go work in gainesville

  3. 7

    I couldn’t agree more, hammah. The more I’m hearing about her today, the more repulsive she becomes. There’s nothing as repugnant to the nostrils like a journalist who tries to become the story.

    I’m glad Petrino shot her with his laser beam eyes.

  4. 8

    If it wasn’t important enough for her to grab the right hat, it’s not important enough for her to keep her job. She deserved to be fired. She was either an attention whore or an idiot. Either way, she deserves to be gone.

  5. 10
    Alex Hamilton

    There’s no suit if Arkansas, like Alabama, is an at will state.

    I don’t really sympathize with this “reporter.” She seems to be another Ian Rappaport or Fitzsimmons. Speaking of fat ass Fitzsimmons, $20 bucks says he was telling his listeners that UT would beat Bama in the Rose Bowl. Fat Phuck.

    As for Arkansas, it’s a lovely state. They have trashy fans and good fans. Never will forget some fat ass redneck shoving me and yelling “show some class” after we went up by 21 in the 2003 game……. I promptly informed him, as I did with LSU trash last year to shut the phuck up.

    Not sure how the rest of you handle it, but Ive been in three altercations at games in the past ten years. For whatever reason, if you scream really loud and use the Petrino laser beam look, they all back down. The clowns from LSU were really classy last year. They got up and left after their RB was put out for the season by Barron. Gotta love a tiger with its tail tucked between its legs.

    Seriously, what do yall do about other fans? I got sick of sitting in KK for this very reason.

  6. 11

    Ian works as an Suckass on a Cowboys Sports Show in Dallas. He is like Al on Jox – he sits in the background and drinks Coffee and laughs at Tony’s Drug Induced Jokes. Has no Opinions about nothing except his Golf Game.
    He will holler Woo Eagle when prompted. Got to do what you got to do – to keep getting invited to the to the Free Luxury Box.

  7. 13

    This is big time discrimination and you can bet your sweet ass if this goes to court she will win..How in the hell can you fire some one for the hat they wear?Unless there was some can of contract signed stating HOGS only clothing..

  8. 14
    Alex Hamilton

    There’s no EEOC claim for being fired because you’re a Gator.

    Will you people please think before you respond? No lawsuit most likely.

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