Fantasy football, anyone?

With the season approaching, I was thinking how fun it would be if we took some of the characters and rivalries in here and pitted them against each other in a fantasy football league.

I haven’t played fantasy football in more than a decade, but the opportunity to face off with some of the regulars…particularly our aubsessed brethren…is too good to pass up.

This would be for recreation only; no money is on the line, and participation is free.  And though I prefer college football to the NFL, I just can’t get in to college fantasy football for some reason.

If you would be interested in joining a 12-team NFL fantasy league, please email me at


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    ITK, as fun as any type of football related competition would be I just can’t get into fantasy football. I’ve tried it on a few different occasions and it just bores me to tears. I think it would be great to get a weekly college football prediction contest going, though. I’m all in if you want to do that.

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    Honestly, I can’t disagree. I haven’t been in a league since the late 90’s, and know little to nothing about the NFL. I just thought it’d be a fun connection with some of the regulars you interact with in here.

    We may be able to work up a pick’em in here this season. We’ll see.

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    Cool. Maybe we can do weekly picks on all SEC games plus the rest of the AP top 10 (against the line, of course.) It would be interesting to see how many of the posters in here (barners included) could put their biases and hatreds to the side and make objective predictions. Cappy, help us make it happen.

    BTW, Bama is already a 9.5 pt favorite over Penn State at the Golden Nugget.

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    I have never played. If it’s simple, then I may consider. Someone will have to let me in on the ins and outs of it.

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