What does Lacy Pearl Earps have to hide?

The Knoxville News Sentinel spoke to the former Tennessee Volunteer Orange Pride Hostess via Facebook chat, but Lacey Pearl Earps declined an interview request.

According to the report, “I really appreciate the opportunity, but I’d rather wait until the investigation is over to talk about it,” Earps wrote.

Tennessee football recruits Corey Miller (80) and Brandon Willis pose with Tennessee recruiting hostesses Dahra Johnson (left) and Lacey Earps after a game at Byrnes High in Duncan, S.C., on Sept. 25. Andy Staples/SI.com

What does she have to hide? Why not come clean now? If there is nothing to hide, why maintain your silence?

It is just another clue that things are seriously wrong on Rocky Top.

According to the newspaper, “The severity of the violation is dependent upon whether the hostesses were directed to attend the game by UT’s football department.”

That is not the entire case against Tennessee.

The NCAA is working on a charge of Failure to Monitor or Lack of Institutional Control.

Here is why: Tennessee assistant coaches were warned about the hostesses’ visit to see Brandon Willis and Corey Miller of Byrnes High School in North Carolina. Tennessee was informed of the visit, but did not report it as a secondary violation until after the story was reported in the press. (Report: “Byrnes head coach Chris Miller said that upon learning the women were at the game called the players and told them “to get away from them,” then called UT assistant coach David Reaves.”)

On Dec. 11 Wes Rucker wrote, “UT had several weeks to research the situation, and it didn’t self-report any violations. It’s doubtful the NCAA would accept any self-reported violations after a third party gave the initial notification, but several sources inside UT’s athletic department claimed the program saw nothing outside the voluminous rules.”

Tennessee was arrogant in its compliance efforts. You should ask USC how the NCAA views arrogance.

It is good for Tennessee that Lacey Pearl Earps isn’t giving public interviews. It could only serve to further highlight the compliance disaster at Tennessee.


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    tone, there’s more to it than that. this girl has family. ut is infamous for making these stories go away and they have more than one way to get the job done.

    the vols have been handling this type of problem a long time and they’re good at it.

  2. 3

    the vols continue in an out of control downward spiral with the bottom nowhere in sight, there is truth in the saying “you reap what you sow”

  3. 7

    I really dont think that Lacey pur herself up to travelling to the games and making players feel welcomed. If it were left to her budget she could just get laid in knoxville.
    It is fairly apparent that someone was paying for her gas and accomodations while she was turning her tr… I mean hostessing.
    I think as a program UT needs to back up and take a good look at itself. Phil Fulmer would have had the NCAA shoot the entire Bama compliance staff over something like this. Even though he probably used similar tactics.
    The bottom line of it is, when you have girls who are blatantly wh*ring themselves out to recruit for you, you might need to change your recruiting style.
    Right now UT looks like one big Orange wh*re house. And even in New Orleans they wouldnt have a cathouse that color.

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