Update: More on coaches call with NFL and NFLPA

More details on the coaches conference call with the NFL and NFLPA regarding the agent problem. According to the AP, “Alabama’s Nick Saban, a former Miami Dolphins head coach, said Thursday that he helped organize the call with coaches he “had a tremendous amount of respect for,” the NFL Players Association and a handful of athletic directors and agents.

“Florida coach Urban Meyer, Ohio State’s Jim Tressel, Mack Brown of Texas and Oklahoma’s Bob Stoops also participated, the schools confirmed.

“‘We’re all trying to put our heads together to figure out what we can do to level the playing field so that everybody that’s in the agent community — which some of them are very professional — have the same opportunity to recruit players and that the bootleggers out there are guys that get punished and penalized,’ Saban said. ‘And that the players that deal with them are going to have some of the same consequences.'” many more details in story below