Football recruiting: Ely picks Alabama

Phillip Ely wanted his announcement to be a “shocker.” He said, “It is more fun that way.” Ely’s announcement might have been the best dressed commitment since Trent Richardson and Andre Smith donned the houndstooth to declare he was headed to Alabama. Ely wearing a dark suit, made his commitment known by unbuttoning his jacket and revealing the Alabama script “A” on his tie. You can watch video of the announcement here.

According to ESPN, “Ely is no stranger to winning himself; he currently has a 19-0 record as a starter and two state championships. He threw for 1,833 yards and 20 touchdowns as a junior. Although he currently plays in a spread offense, Ely should have no problem switching to Alabama’s more traditional style of play.”

Why did Ely pick Alabama?

“Coach Saban is the best coach around and certainly a coach that expects a lot out of his players and that was one of the things I respected the most about him and why I loved Alabama so much. I had a lot of good options, but what the school offers as a complete package was the perfect fit for me,” Ely told

Some highlights from Rivals: