Pot meet kettle

Auburn’s Izvestia, also known as Phillip Marshall, is outraged that some “fan” posed as a “reporter” and tried to influence the recruiting of a high school student.

Welcome to the club!

The “recruiting” sites have long been nothing more than fans of the respective schools they cover.

The comedy in Marshall’s piece is worth reading. Like this line, “I was told very early in my career that the last thing a reporter should do is become part of the story. Our job is to get as much information as we can ethically get and to pass it on to you.”

Or this line, “But fans don’t have to be objective. Reporters do. Fans don’t have to have facts to back up their statements. Reporters do.”

Reporters yes.

Marshall? Not so much. Rivals and Scout? Not so much. It was the Auburn Rivals site that edited out damning evidence of recruiting violations from a video it posted of Big Cat Weekend. There is no real independence in these recruiting sites—they are nothing more than fans of the schools who feed the masses the latest propaganda.

It is disgusting and an insult to real journalists who cover real stories.

It is good that Marshall has figured that out.

Of course, it is a little late for such a pro-Auburn cheerleader.