Pot meet kettle

Auburn’s Izvestia, also known as Phillip Marshall, is outraged that some “fan” posed as a “reporter” and tried to influence the recruiting of a high school student.

Welcome to the club!

The “recruiting” sites have long been nothing more than fans of the respective schools they cover.

The comedy in Marshall’s piece is worth reading. Like this line, “I was told very early in my career that the last thing a reporter should do is become part of the story. Our job is to get as much information as we can ethically get and to pass it on to you.”

Or this line, “But fans don’t have to be objective. Reporters do. Fans don’t have to have facts to back up their statements. Reporters do.”

Reporters yes.

Marshall? Not so much. Rivals and Scout? Not so much. It was the Auburn Rivals site that edited out damning evidence of recruiting violations from a video it posted of Big Cat Weekend. There is no real independence in these recruiting sites—they are nothing more than fans of the schools who feed the masses the latest propaganda.

It is disgusting and an insult to real journalists who cover real stories.

It is good that Marshall has figured that out.

Of course, it is a little late for such a pro-Auburn cheerleader.


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    When Bama does it, it is called cheating, according to a long line of Auburn fans. When Auburn does it, and gets caught, it is because Bama was behind it, using their cheating to gain power to exploit Auburn and keep them down. Auburn would have won as many championships as Bama if it weren’t for all of Bama’s meddling in their program. Dang cheating Bammers. And all Auburn reporters are not biased at all.

  2. 2
    Bama Fan in NYC

    And speaking of violations and left-field conspiracies, it appears the Barnzoes are getting their wee-wee’s hard over a photo of ALABAMA’S 2009 Heisman winner, Mark Ingram. The photo features him wearing expensive jewelry, and they’re – as expected – licking their chops.

    But until they disclose the fact of how Corey Lemonier received a brand new corvette and an arsenal of expensive firearms IMMEDIATELY AFTER he signed with “The University of Aubarn”, and just who exactly gave Dakota Mosley thousands of dollars worth of cash, then I don’t want to hear a single thing about cheating. It’s not like recruits are begging to jump aboard the Chizik train because they know they won’t win championships for the guy, and lastly, he plays for Aubarn, which is located in LEE COUNTY. So obviously you have to bend the rules in order to have a loser program with a loser coach reel in decent prospects.

  3. 3

    Holy crap……..You people are out of control.

    “A new corvette and an aresenal of firearms” ???????????!!!!!!!!!!!

    I dont even know what to say after that one……..

  4. 4

    NYC, of course you can refer us to a verifiable source to confirm your “corvette” and “firearms” allegations about Lemonier, right? (and no, an anonymous post on a fan site doesn’t qualify. Neither does some guy you know whose cousin’s neighbor’s best friends’ hair dresser said so.) If so, I’m all ears. Otherwise, shut your pie hole.

  5. 6

    And Julia, since when do you and Ballplay ever use a ‘viable source’ in your accusations against Bama? And how can you make someone shut their ‘pie hole’? You are so stupid.

  6. 7

    brandii, you do realize you’re making a parody of bama fans when you mockingly say, “Some Bama booster done it just to get Auburn in trouble. Them crazy Bammers!”, don’t you???? Remember Curtis Anderson being morphed into a prominent AU Booster who tried to bring down Ingram, Jones, and Harris in the imagination of Bama fans?? And you think I’m stupid.

    BTW, I don’t make any accusations against Bama that can’t be backed up. You must have me confused with the idiots who conjured up rumors about Chargers and Gadsden. Bama’s been busted for cheating so many times in the last 15 years that there’s no need to make any thing up. The truth is as dirty as anything I could ever dream of creating.

  7. 8

    hehe just got off of cement poorin duty at the constructin site and what do i find? haha you bams just cant keep your nozes cleen. war eagel

  8. 9
    Bama Fan in NYC


    I’m one of the few posters on here who doesn’t mind having you around and respects what you have to say. With that being said, these pics popped up on their facebooks, and Corey’s even said “I got this car for signing with AU”, and Mosley starting posting up pics of him holding thousands of dollars worth of cash, right after signing day. I’m not accusing AU of cheating and whatnot, but when your fan base accuses us for the silliest of things, I always resort back to this (I’ll provide the pics):

    Corey Lemonier:

    Dakota Mosley:

  9. 11
    Bama Fan in NYC

    I’m serious… I don’t mind having you and Ballplay around. I would insert a little cheers emoticon, but I don’t know the code.

  10. 13

    WTH???? Dakota, those are stacks of $100s you’re flashing, bro. Corey looks mighty comfy in his new ride too.

    Thank you Bama Fan in NYC…by far one of the most cognitive posters we have here, you never disappoint. Keep it up.

    Something tells me in 24 months or less we’ll get to enjoy a similar NCAA scene in Lee County that we’re getting in Knoxville at the moment. It’s only a matter of time.

  11. 15

    Its probably monopoly money behind the 100’s. There is no telling who’s car that Lemonier is in.

    I revert back to Cargergate in wich nothing came from. Also, where does Ingram get all that bling ?

  12. 16

    I’ve got a picture of myself standing in front of the White House. It doesn’t mean I’m the POTUS. That doesn’t prove Lemonier was given a Corvette any more than a picture of Dre Kirkpatrick sitting in a Charger would prove those idiotic rumors to be true. Do you also SERIOUSLY

  13. 17

    (contd.) believe that Mosely, Lemonier, or any recuit would be stupid enough to brag about receiving cash or illegal gifts in blatant violation of NCAA rules on their Facebook pages?? Get a freakin’ clue, bammers.

  14. 20

    BPI? does the name Eric Ramsey mean anything to you? Does the undefeated ’93 season with no tv and no recognition ring a bell? did you sniff glue as a kid?

  15. 21

    Yes, but I was thinking that you were speaking about the sociology teacher around 04….My bad.

    Yes, I remember the Ramsey debacle. If you look, that was the last time we got into any amount of real trouble with the NCAA. 20 years ago isnt recent history.

    Remind me how many times Bama has gotten pinched since 1991 …….3, 4, or 5 times ….I have a hard time keeping up with all of them.

  16. 22

    HA HA! Now that Cory and fat boy Dakota are sportin’ their goods, all the sudden the Charger story with Dre is…

    …how you say, Julia…”idiotic”?

    I LOVE IT! There’s smoke everywhere but Julia stands in the middle of it informing that there’s no fire.

    It’s a matter of time; as recruits get more and more brash about their gifts, the collection of evidence will continue to grow.

    I LOVE seeing barners squirm. Quick, BP…say something about them bammers’s probation again! I will offer it’s much nicer standing on THIS side of NZAA trouble than on the side you’re facing.

  17. 23

    I’ve got to say again, Julia’s post about the Dre thing is FUNNY! Made my freakin’ day.

    He’s been riding that Dre/Charger story harder and longer than Lacey Pearl Earps rode Bryce Brown.

    It is HILARIOUS when he has to start taking cards off the table in order to discredit the stories surrounding the brash stupidity of abarn recruits.

    And no, Julia, a player would never use social networking to brag about something that is illegal, has definite legs and will amount to something.

    Oh wait, Marvin Austin…

  18. 24

    I have never said the first thing about Gadsden, and I have repeatedly said on this site that the AU fans who were making the rumors up were idiots. (I know the concept of condemning your fellow fans is shocking to you ITK. You wouldn’t condemn a serial killer if he was a bammer.) In fact, here’s a challenge I issued to brandii when he accused me of the same thing on June 1, 2009. (yes, over a year ago), “brandii, show me one post where I have said the first thing about Gadsden. I don’t know anything about it, and don’t care anything about it unless and until the NCAA conducts an investigation into something about Gadsden.” Still contend that I’ve been “riding” the story?? You’ve got the ability to search my old posts, ITK. Take a look at them. Show me one post where I ever even hinted that I believed the Gadsen-Charger rumors. See, unlike you who claims to be a pseudo-journalist yet loves to make baseless accusations of cheating against other schools simply b/c they have some success in recruiting, I actually wait to hear actual evidence that is considered credible by the NCAA as opposed to anonymous posters on rival fan sites.

    “I will offer it’s much nicer standing on THIS side of NZAA trouble than on the side you’re facing.” Hate to remind you of this ITK, but the side you’re standing on is on probation. AU hasn’t sniffed at probation in almost 20 years. But hey, maybe you send them snazzy corvette and money pics to Indianapolis. Seeing as how you think they constitute such overwhelming evidence of cheating, I’m sure they’ll have an investigator look right into it.

  19. 25

    We can do this all day…..Show me that D. Kirk didnt have a charger…..Also , what’s the scoop on T. Rich’s parents supposed new 125k home in Pensacola ? Probably not true , but who knows ?

    Is that any further out of left feild than Lemonier and his vette’and a cache’ of firearms ?

    Didnt think so.

  20. 27

    Compared to gov. housing its the White house.

    And from your snooty ass tone, you are either very wealthy, or stupid.

    Also, does that make it O.K. in your opinion ? Only 125 k ?

    Albert Means was only 110 k , and look how that one turned out.

    The point of what I am saying is that rumors are just that , rumors. Until proven, that is.

    Your all idiots.

  21. 28

    Dang ya’ll quit making Julia cry. I really hate to se a woman cry like that. Unless it is BPI, which likes all the abuse she can get.

  22. 33

    I LOVE it when people try to cite grammar and misspell the word grammar!

    THEN, they try to downplay the importance of raping the English language with their own ignorance.

    And since when have you ever stuck to a topic, BP? Your contribution to this entire thread has NOTHING to do with Cappy’s article.

    At least make it difficult for me; I feel like I’m boxing an eight year old with you.

  23. 34

    It morrphs from one subject to another that has something to do with the first. If you cant see that , then your the 8 year old. My point is that when I bust your arse, you alwazys revert to the grammar / grammer card. I know I own you when you go to the trusty spelling issue. I type this crap in about 2 seconds, and dont give a crap if its correct or not, so fire away on that non subject.

    If 125 k is not much money then your loaded

  24. 35

    BP, who cares? You didn’t do anything. You really pat yourself on the back for the most mediocre achievements. Oh yeah, you are an Auburn fan, nevermind.

  25. 36

    The barn fans in denial of what has been going on are going to come crashing down soon.

    The pics of Lemonier were from his own facebook page.

    He claimed the car was his and got it for signing with AU. The NCAA has screen shots of those pages and messages.

    AU better hope he was joking.

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