Miss. flag could hurt bid for SEC baseball tourney

Here is one that should make for an interesting debate.

According to the AP, the Mississippi flag could harm the state’s chances of landing the SEC baseball tournament. “It would not be a 100 percent deal breaker on any kind of bid that Jackson may submit. However, it would be something we would have to consider in evaluating all the bids,” Craig Mattox, the SEC assistant commissioner for championships, told The Associated Press. Read all about it below.


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  1. 1

    ahhh, more confirmation.

    and just another reason why ole piss and state are stuck where they are.

    of course the a p spin meister couldn’t find a mississippi democrat who favored the flag.

    regardless, remember this when some ole piss dishrag is telling you there’s no confederate flags flying at their games.

    just point to the flag pole.

  2. 2

    Do you people really think it’s clever or funny to call other teams “Ole Piss”, “U Cheat”, and my personal favorite “LSWho”. Unoriginal and Unfunny! I know we have a lot to brag about, but have you ever been to the Grove on a Saturday in the Fall and taken a look at the scenery? Well its a far cry from “Ole Piss”!

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