Report: Alabama vs. Michigan in Dallas 2012

MGoBlog reports that a deal will be signed Monday for Michigan to play Alabama in Dallas.

The report cites one source and includes some interesting details. According to Brian’s report, “Game is happening because a desperate Jerry Jones ‘overpaid.’ Michigan will be the nominal home team (important mostly for TV rights) and receive more money.”

If the report is accurate, it will be interesting to see why Michigan would receive more money in the deal. Would it be for travel? And how much difference would it be?


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    These are types of games that are good for college football. The Dallas venue is good too. I’m sure it will make Texas mad. I’m all for that.

  2. 3

    MGoMike the crimson tide was coached in 2000 by the dumbest
    SOB ever to coach at the great university of Alabama. Nick Saban
    is now the coach remember him from East Lansging. UM is a
    bottom feeder right now and will probably be one when they play
    Bama in Dallas. RTR

  3. 5

    I remember when extra points decided our games. Now we win BCS National Championships, while the big blue gets reamed by the underbelly of their pitiful conference.

    It’s good to be king.

  4. 8

    Always nice to know where to go to smell unbridled arrogance! Guys, things are cyclical in college football. Alligator mouths and hummingbird asses are things you should remember.

  5. 9

    Things ARE cyclical in college football. Too bad that cycle never turns the West Georgia team’s direction. The Tide will fall off someday, but they will be back. They ALWAYS come back. It’s hard to come back when you’ve never been there….

  6. 10
    Alex Hamilton

    Michigan got more money for Rita Rodriguez’ hair spray.

    If I were Michigan, I’d be trying to explain why a team led by Tom Brady barely beat us in the 2000 Orange Bowl. A better question to answer is ‘why is Lloyd Carr so revered when he didn’t play Brady that much and he got his ass kicked by a guy that wears sweater vests?’

    just wondering, Big Blue.

  7. 13

    Wait. What? Did Indiana Vol just call someone a cheater? A fan of a school getting an NCAA letter for CHEATING just called someone else a cheater.

  8. 14

    Why not? Bammers still call Auburn cheaters despite the fact that Bama has been on probation for 9 of the last 15 years.

  9. 15

    Julio, that is exclusively when Auburn fans try to accuse Alabama of being “cheaters” when they can’t see their own problems with recidivism.

  10. 17

    Yeah, right cappy. The only time a bama fan has ever accused AU of being cheaters is in response to Bama being called cheaters. Were you able to keep a straight face as you typed that?

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