Ole Miss: Nutt talks Masoli

AP: “I just felt like this was important and the right thing to do at this time,” Nutt said. “You can always argue both ways and I understand that. I’ve got to be oblivious to that. I have to be focused about our team and the players. Sometimes that doesn’t always feel good, it’s not a feel-good decision. But I do feel good about this.”


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    I was reading above, is that the same Ray-Ray Cotton who gave Auburn the stiff arm on recruiting day a couple deasons back?

    I wish Masoli well. I can see that Houston Nutt is back to being that desperate coach who scrambles around to make ends meet. Nutt is one of the great game day coaches and motivators. BUT he sucks at administration and stocking the shelves sometimes. The end result of that shows on game day occasionally.

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    It’s so obvious that Nutt has ran out of options he is going to extreme lengths to “keep” him coaching at a premeir level. The folks at the grove want 10 win seasons – after the huge disappointment and overhype last year – I suppose Nutt is taking a gamble for his job – he will look like a hero if Masoli comes through and has them battling for second place in the SEC West – i mean – we all know who will be on first place – job security is what I think about the QB who is only taking one class for eligibility. All the kid has to do is play football – kind of like what Leinart did his 5th year at USSleaze.

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    “I don’t listen to too much outside,” Nutt said. “I listen to really what’s inside our program, inside this building, our coaches, players, our families. It’s more that family, and it’s very positive.”

    thank god he’s not president, the media would claim he’s stuck in a bubble.

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    If Auburn could have only waited… they could have at least come up with a proven winner at QB instead of the guy who was responsible for Tim Tebows mopup, (When Brantly wasnt around that is.)

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