Alabama is No. 1 in USA Today’s preseason poll

AP: Defending national champion Alabama is No. 1 atop the USA Today preseason coaches’ poll.

Boise State will begin the season ranked No. 5. The Broncos, like Alabama, finished last season 14-0. They beat TCU in the Fiesta Bowl.

The Crimson Tide got 55 of 59 possible first place votes. The other four went to Ohio State, which is No. 2 in the newspaper’s ranking.

Florida is third, followed by Texas, which lost to Alabama in the BCS title game in January. (the entire AP report follows below)


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    Crimsonite from the mighty Crimson Tide in a stadium far far away. Formerly E.G. White

    Wow! Mighty Auburn is #23 behind Florida St who went 6-6 and has a new head coach for the first time in 35 years. Wow! Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

  2. 3

    And Auburn is where they usually are! Anyone remember when Auburn has ever had a #1 ranking at anytime? I can’t remember not one time.

  3. 4

    The only time I really remember Auburn being ranked #1 was when Playboy ranked them atop its poll. Auburn then lost to Texas, and Finebaum wrote that wonderful line that Auburn fans should stop reading the Playboy and go back to the Farmer’s Almanac.

    I’m sure Auburn has been ranked #1 since then, but that one sticks out in my mind. 🙂

  4. 5

    Thats pretty funny. I know that the few times the Auburn has been ranked really high in the preseason, they bomb. Auburn seems to be better when they are the underdogs, and nobody expects much. At least they were under Tuberville. We all know the expectations for Bama. And Saban is living up to them so far.

    If there was any coach that could keep his players grounded with the number one ranking, I would put my money on Saban.

  5. 6

    Ole St. Nick voted OhioState #1.I think that is fantastic psycology. You know he is concerned about what happened at LSU after their national championship. Complacency. I bet there won´t be any this year. Can you imagine the effect that must have on the most talented team in the country. They should be frothing at the mouth to show him how wrong he is. RTR.

  6. 7

    Auburn always finishes lower than the preseason polls. Its gonna be a long year in Lee County. Maybe they can buy up all the seats at another bowl this year too?

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