Alabama football: Davis could be big contributor

AP: The Crimson Tide’s senior defensive end has a lot more responsibility these days. He’s poised to be a starter for the first time on the field, and he’s pulling double daddy duty off it.

Davis’ twin sons, Shyron Rayne and Jacquel Lyriq, were born a few days before the Tide’s opener last season. They live with him and his fiance, Cameron Eldridge. This week, they were visiting family in Louisiana, where they lived until January.

Davis isn’t complaining about the heavy load, lost sleep or having to miss nights out with his teammates and friends. … Quarterback Greg McElroy predicts Davis will be “a big-time contributor this year.”

“Luther’s biggest hurdle in the time he’s been here hasn’t been talent, because the talent’s always been there,” McElroy said. “Luther’s biggest hurdle when he got here was he just had a tough time transitioning into the mindset. Luther, ever since then, has made a full change. It’s unbelievable how far he’s come.

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