Dispatches from Alabama’s first practice session

Want to know what is going on during Alabama’s first practice session? Here are tweets from some of the beat writers.


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    Crimsonite from the mighty Crimson Tide in a stadium far far away. Formerly E.G. White

    Just finished reading the coaches APR scores on al.com. Must have really hurt those tards to print that information. As would be expected Saban is up there in the high 900’s never having been even close to the 925 cutoff. On the other hand Chizik is a bornagain idiot having been below 925 in 3 of his 4 years including 915 last year at the Barn. Even UAB’s coach beat him out! Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

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    Can’t wait for the season to get here! Ballplay and Julia are going to have false hopes with Auburns easy schedule this year. Let the beatdowns begin!

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