Anyone remember this game?

“Told he was too small and too slow all the way back in high school, all he did was set national records. Then he went to the University of Florida — as a backup. His first start came on the road against a ranked Alabama team and all he did was set the school’s single-game rushing record.”

It was a nightmare, but it was obvious this was a special player. You can read more about Emmitt Smith in the AP story below.


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    I was at the Bama/Florida game in 1987. Only a few RB’s ever shredded a Bama D in such fashion before him and few since.

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    I was at that game as well. It was truly one of the most bizarre things I had ever seen as he ran up and down the field all day. One fantastic running back Emmitt was, and one pathetic Bill Curry prepared team we were.

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    The thing I remember the most about him was his ability to control a game. He could take it over. Defenses would try to adjust but he always seemed to be one step ahead, and once he got it going, stopping him was nearly impossible.

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    One of the biggest testaments to Dye’s defenses in the 80’s was that Emmitt never gained 100 yds in the 3 games that they played. Emmitt was incredible.

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    yeah Smith was ok.
    But no conversation about Runningbacks would be complete without bringing in running back U. Smith may have been a big deal at places like Florida and Dallas. but he wouldnt have left the bench at Auburn.
    and while we are at it, Emmit Smith was nowhere near the caliber of Bo Jackson. Bo Jackson was the greates athlete who ever lived and of course, he was from Auburn.
    So in conclusion.
    Emmit Smith…. Okay.
    Auburn University…superior.

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