Nutt, Masoli follow the Camputer

Jeremiah Masoli is now a Rebel.  Well, it appears he was a rebel of sorts before he ever made it onto the Mississippi campus.

The most hysterical part of the whole process was the “appearance” the good Reverend Houston Nutt was putting on for all of us.

We were led to believe he was “taking his time” to fully investigate the young man and the situation.

Much like a morbidly obese man takes his time to investigate the possibility of eating a chocolate cake.

I guess when it comes to elevating your program, taking a laptop thief as your team leader rather than falling further behind your rivals is the lesser of two evils.

It appears Coach Nutt learned from Coach Chiznik very well.


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  1. 1

    Masoli needs to follow Jerrell Harris’ advice on laptops. Don’t steal it, just get a 50 something year old “friend” to buy it for you instead. If the NCAA asks you anything about it, just lie your a$$ off.

  2. 2

    Yep. Best to not commit a felony like your new team leader, Camputer Newton.

    That speaks volumes about your team.

  3. 3

    Let’s take a look at the last few “can’t miss” QB’s to come to the “Lousiest village on the Plain”:

    Kodi Burns: BUST

    Tyrik Rollison: BUST

    Camputer Newton: FUTURE BUST.

    Anyone notice a trend?

  4. 4

    Bamafan, don’t ask an aubie to notice trends, or even use logic for that matter. They just can’t handle reality; better to leave them in their fantasy world filled with magic forests and unicorns.

  5. 5

    ITK, speaking of Tyrik Rollison, do you know he got into auburn with a 13 on his ACT? That’s right, a 13. They are just a bastion of academic integrity down at the “Lousiest village on the Plain”

  6. 6

    I was reading Julio’s post above. I think he has a point… Sont steal a laptop and Auburn booster will gladly buy you one.

  7. 8

    Yeah, AU has had a few qb busts. Say, how many school records did Star Jackson and Jimmy Barnes break during their tenure at the Capstone?

    Do you morons even consider the element of hypocrisy before you say something??

  8. 9

    True, more was expected of Jackson. Every school has QB busts, but nobody was heralding Barnes as the 2nd coming. Good try though.

    Different story for Burns, Cotton, Rollison, Newton and Frazier, not to mention Caudle…he was gonna be BIGTIME back in the day. That scout team’s worked out well for him.

  9. 10

    errrr, Cotton never signed with Auburn. You’re blaming his woes at Ole Miss against AU?? That’s funny. Neither Newton or Frazier have ever taken a snap at Auburn. How can you call them a bust??

    If you’re going back in time, does the name Billy Ray ring a bell?? That’s got to be the biggest qb bust in SEC history.

  10. 11

    Was talking about the hype. And yes, though Cotton signed elsewhere, he is in that group.

    Billy Ray was late 80’s I believe. Wound up at Duke.

  11. 12
    Crimsonite from the mighty Crimson Tide in a stadium far far away. Formerly E.G. White

    Those Alabama guys all lost out to record setting QB’s. When was the last record setting QB at the Barn? Not that setting a record at the Barn has been much of a goal since Sullivan. Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

  12. 13

    Yeah, Jason Campbell didn’t have much of a career. Just won SEC player of the year and was a 1st round pick, and still a starter in the NFL.

  13. 18

    Julia has some issues. Yall quit pickin on her because she can’t produce a good argument for Auburn without including something negative about Bama, in the true Auburn sense.

  14. 19

    Yeah… cam is a real find.
    You would think that Auburn would figure our that for every qb who hasnt mastered running or passing, slings the catch all phrase “dual threat” .

  15. 20

    julio has a great arguement….Not since Snake or Broadway Joe has Bama had a q.b. worth a crap. McElroy is good , but not an elite passer.

    Jason C. was lights out his senior year.

  16. 21
    Crimsonite from the mighty Crimson Tide in a stadium far far away. Formerly E.G. White

    Bullsh-t! Hunter and Todd were great. Walter Lewis was a great QB. He was just hamstrung with Bear’s first attempt at an air-it-out offense. Shula was great, Barker was excellent. Sure Croyle and Wilson hold the records now. But Shula, Barker and Zow set some along the way first. Don’t f–k with me on Alabama! Worry about your damn Raw Beagle! RTR!

  17. 22

    Those quarterbacks stunk. Until the 90’s the only reason they had a quarterback was to give it to the running back.

  18. 24

    I said GMAC was pretty good….Not great. Your running backs are great…That is , unless they are playing Auburn.

  19. 25

    BP get over yourself. McElroy and Richardson moved the ball on you guys all day. Go back and watch it again.

  20. 26

    errrr, brandii…Richardson had 51 yds rushing. Granted, that was stellar compared to Ingram’s 30 yds but I’d hardly call it “moving the ball all day”. Bama only converted 5 3rd downs the whole game, and 3 of them were on the final drive. McElroy had about 200 yds passing. Not bad, but far from dominating. The truth is that Bama’s D did a great job of getting good field position for the offense.

  21. 27

    Dude, I dont know what game you watched , but they both had terrible games. Ingram took himself out of the game in the 4th because Josh Bynes was tearing his ass up so bad. YOU go back and watch it as you have appearantly have brain damage from huffing too much paint. Richardson had a couple of decent runs of 10 -15 yards , but the rest of it was hard for him as well. julio won that game for yall.

  22. 28

    I said Bama moved the ball all day on Auburn. Yes Ingram was out, but Bama got stronger as the game wore on. Go back and watch it again. Auburn didn’t dominate like you like to think. Over half of Auburns offensive production came on 2 plays, the longest that Bama gave up all year. Bama moved the ball but had to settle for field goals, and a rare fumble. You knew when that final drive was rolling, your Auburn team was done. But Auburn did play an inspired game. They were fired up. Too bad they hardly played anyone else that way last year. But Bama won the game because the were definitely the more talented and better coached team. A trend that will continue this year as well. Don’t think trick plays and onside kicks are going to help you this year.

  23. 29

    And Ballplay, I am sure I have watched that game more than you have. The Auburn fans keep saying that Auburn beat down Bama for 58 minutes and that is not the case. Except for the two big Auburn plays, Auburns offense sputtered, QB sacked and fumbled the ball, etc. Seriously, go watch it again. I didn’t say Bama dominated. They played flat and still wore your team down in the end.

  24. 30

    Look at post # 25…..I know that Richardsons name was mentioned. Yes, McElroy had a decent game, but he didnt “move the ball all day”…And T.R. dang sure didnt. Your depth won it in the end. That and julio.

    The better team won that day. But barely.

  25. 31

    Richardson did have some good runs in that game. He looked better than Ben Tate. Like I said go watch it again before you run your mouth.

  26. 32

    brandii, your statement was that GMac and TR “moved the ball all day”. You then proceed with some rambling drivel about AU’s offense to justify that remark. Newsflash – AU’s offense is irrelevant to whether Bama “moved the ball all day”.

  27. 33

    Julio, Brandi is famous for his ability to throw out a statement, then try to retract, even though all you have to do is scroll up about 7 or 8 posts to see what the retard posted. Its really kind of sad.

    And doosher, I didnt mention Ben Tate. WTH ?

  28. 34

    Ballplay, they did move the ball. The game was tied at halftime, remember? All of Bamas scores came because they drove the ball. No onside kicks or trick plays. Yall remember what you want. I haven’t retracted anything I’ve ever said. You are the one who thinks Auburn has done as much as Bama, not me. But Auburn didn’t outplay Bama in that game. Bamas defense gave up a few uncharacteristic big plays in that game, and that was the only thing that kept them alive. That 36-0 sting like hell didn’t it? It will be 3 in a row this year, but it won’t be a close game this time. But yeah, Ben Tate, didn’t he win the Peoples Heisman Trophy or something?

  29. 35

    Does that clear it up for you Julio? Bama did move the ball, just go back and watch for yourself. Man, you Auburn people are thick.

  30. 36

    Trent Richardson did NOT move the ball. You said he did. He Did not. Less than 60 yards in the game , and less than 100 from your two main backs means one thing. AU shut down the Bama run. Spin it how you want to. That is all Ive ever said. Never mind the “The best team won’ comment I gave.

    Dude, your a nut.

  31. 37

    Bama moved the ball. Who said anything about running it? I think Richardson had made some crucial runs in the game that helped decide the outcome. One more time, go back and watch it again. You guys are so wrapped up in your moral victory you seem to forget about what good plays Bama had.

  32. 38

    And ya’ll are the ones on a Bama board trying to win a stupid argument that you will never win. Who’s the nut here?

  33. 39

    “Bama moved the ball. Who said anything about running it?”

    You did, you freakin nut job, when you said TR moved the ball all day despite the fact that he only had 50 yds rushing. You do realize he’s a running back, don’t you??

  34. 40

    Your the nut……Brandi, are you a woman ? Reason I ask is because evey time I communicate with you , I feel like Im confunsed and the conversation goes nowhere. Kinda like when I talk to women.

  35. 41

    No I am not a woman, but it is obvious you are confused. Maybe you are gay or something. It is pretty simple. IF YOU WATCH THE GAME AGAIN, YOU WILL SEE THAT BAMA MOVED THE BALL AND SCORED POINTS ON AUBURN. THEY COULD NOT HAVE WON THE GAME OTHERWISE. AUBURN DID NOT SHUT ALABAMA DOWN. There, did you hear that?

  36. 42

    And Julio:
    Score by Quarters 1 2 3 4 Score
    —————– — — — — —–
    Alabama…………. 0 14 6 6 – 26
    Auburn………….. 14 0 7 0 – 21

    Looked like a close game to me. Auburn overachieved and still lost.

  37. 43

    I dont believe in being disrepectful to a woman, so I will try to be as gentlemanly as possible. I didnt say Bama didnt move the ball. I said Ingram and Richarson didnt. You on the other hand said Richarson did. He didnt.

    Sorry mam for the misunderstanding.

  38. 44

    I said McElroy and Richardson moved the ball. Thats all I said and that is what you dispute. I disagree. Richardson caught some passes as well as some crucial runs. Go back and watch it, and if you see that that didn’t happen, we didn’t see the same game.

  39. 45

    Brando, arguing with an abarn fan is like pissing in the wind. Move on, friend. Their moral victory last November gave them warm fuzzies that nothing superficial (like logic or truth) can ever take away.

  40. 46

    I know, but dang it, it sure is fun to watch how they use math and manipulate facts to feel like they are somehow equal to Bama. Plus Ballplay and Juia like being slapped upside the head or they wouldn’t be here.

  41. 47

    Brandi, there aint nothin that makes me as mad as an uppity woman. Dont make me tell you to fix me a sandwich.

  42. 48

    brandii, any chance you might simply say, “You know, I may have exaggerated a bit when I said that TR moved the ball all day.” Doubt it. Now go iron my shirt.

  43. 49

    I simply said McElroy and Richardson did move the ball on Auburn. You got offended like your other half julia because I don’t think Auburn beat Bama down like you pricks seem to think. But hey be proud, that is likely close as you get for a while. No big deal. I will be here all year.

    When are you going to admit that Bama is the more successful program? You and Julio tried to disprove that last year, but you were exposed for the fools you are.

  44. 51

    I know you like men to iron your clothes there julia, but that is your thing. Ballplay could probably help you out though, ya’ll probably work at the same gas station.

  45. 52

    Nah, I work at the Citgo, julio works at the Texaco.

    All college football aside. You do act like a female.

    I remember before the start of last season, you got a case of P.M.S. with me and didnt talk for like 4 or 5 months. Not that it was a bad thing. I actually kind of liked it.

    You do get a little hormonal at times there Brandi.

  46. 53

    Actually BP I was busy traveling in my band, didn’t have time for you, I’m sorry.
    I know you missed the abuse. But it wasn’t you, believe me. I proved you wrong so much that I kinda got bored with having to teach you the facts over and over.

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