Falcons open camp; John Parker Wilson #3 QB

According to this AP report, the Atlanta Falcons have opened camp, and former Alabama Crimson Tide quarterback John Parker Wilson is the number three quarterback. Read the entire report on the Falcons’ camp below.


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    Crimsonite from the mighty Crimson Tide in a stadium far far away. Formerly E.G. White

    Who’da thunk JPW would beat out a Jaw Jaw boy. He’s much more durable than Brodie so maybe eventually he’ll get his shot and make the most of it. RTR!

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    Unlike Brodie – JPW could take hits – that’s the problem we always had with Brodie, not to mention the Kansas City Cheifs. Even though Atlanta has its’ depth – there will be a day when Ryan goes down & he will get his shot – he’s got a helluva cannon & he can adapt quickly to offensive schemes. Mind you he was no. 3 on the depth chart last year as a rookie – I truly believe he will get his chance to shine like a Charlie Batch has and not end up like Brodie who didn’t step up to the plate.

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