ITK: If you can’t win it, buy it

With USC being forced to vacate the BCS title due to NZAA sanctions, the Abarn marketing field team, otherwise known as AU beat writers around the state (and those that don’t like Saban because he’s mean) are working overtime to write or say something…anything…to shift public opinion.

Folks, it is the most pathetic exercise I have ever witnessed as an adult.

Not since our aubie friends printed car tags, t-shirts, underwear and everything else claiming a title in 1993 have I ever seen something so sad yet hilarious.

It truly paints for all to see in living color how badly Abarn fans want what we have.  The Aubsession continues.

Right on cue, they put blinders on to avoid the facts.

Forget that Oklahoma was the team that stood the test of time and pressure the whole 2004 season at #2  while Auburn climbed in from the shadows at #19.

“But we were voted #2 that year!” they say.

Yes, but in the wake of the results of the title game, in which you were not invited or good enough to play.

No, the Sooners actually being the ones in the title game to face the Trojans somehow escapes our little aubies.

And forget that the same USC team obliterated the then #3 Abarn Tiggers in their own yard the year before, 23-0.

As it was, it worked out perfectly for the Tiggers in 2004.  They avoided getting smoked by the Trojans for the third straight year, and could forever crow about being undefeated.

Remember, we’re talking about the same bunch that claimed they won the title in 1993 by going 11-0.  As I recall, probation kept them from being able to participate in the two remaining games necessary to stake that claim legitimately.

But who cares about legitimacy in Lee County?  It’s all about spin and perception down on the farm.

Just don’t mention to Tigger fans the fact that if Oklahoma would have gotten to face Virginia Tech in the Sugar Bowl that year, we’d be talking about the SOONERS claiming a piece of the prize today.

See, that’s the problem with awarding titles in retrospect.  There are too many variables at play to make it work.

Putting it all in perspective, the BCS National Championship for 2004…the only one that really matters…has been vacated by USC, meaning no one is awarded the title for that year.  What Abarn fans are praying for is a piece of one of the other awards given.

And as the Abarn marketing extension works overtime to make it happen, journalism in this state continues to die before our very eyes.