Here come the 2011 bye weeks prior to Alabama

Ole Miss released its finalized 2011 schedule according to the Clarion Ledger’s David Brandt. Sure enough, the Rebels decided to take a bye before playing Alabama on October 15.

The Ole Miss schedule looks like this, according to the report:

Sept. 3 Boise State Oxford
Sept. 10 Southern Illinois Oxford
Sept. 17 Vanderbilt Nashville
Sept. 24 Georgia Oxford
Oct. 1 Fresno State Fresno, Calif.
Oct. 15 Alabama Oxford
Oct. 22 Arkansas Oxford
Oct. 29 Auburn Auburn, Ala.
Nov. 5 Kentucky Lexington, Ky.
Nov. 12 Louisiana Tech Oxford
Nov. 19 LSU Oxford
No. 26 Mississippi State Starkville


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  1. 1

    Well, it is in the middle of the season when they take the bye. I can’t really fault them for that, and it would be a legitimate time to have a week off. It’s the other teams that make it so obvious when they do it at the end of the season….

  2. 2

    Whats next ? Is your little Hitler of a coach gonna go on a rant again and start calling the schedule makers “pimps” and comparing it to 911…

    Its still a free country, deal with it.

  3. 5

    Ive heard this for the last few weeks from a LOT of Bama fans…..”WAA WAAA !!!!” “Everbody is a takin a week off afore they play us !!” ” It aint fair !!!!”…..

    Mark my words , it wont be long before thats a topic that this blog runs into the ground….As well as the “slanted” Alabama media….Finebaum etc.

    Then , your midget coach will pipe off in some tyrade.

  4. 6

    BP thats okay your school is on that enjoys that 2 weeks to get prepared. It doesn’t bother me and I am sure Saban will use it to motivate his players to make the opposition wish they took off the week after Bama instead. So mark my words when Bama spanks that ass again this year, you and Julia will still be cursing Bama and going to Bama websites and whining about why Auburn gets no respect.

    Auburn wishes they were the type of team that everyone wants to take two weeks to prepare for.

  5. 7

    You just need to understand one thing in relation to Auburn’s bye week and how it affects that game.

    I have it on a good source that Nick Saban has developed a healthy hatred for the Auburn football program. We’ll leave it at that.

    If you’re an aubie, as I’ve said before, last year was your best chance to slip up and cash one in on him.

    There is a distinct reason Georgia State was moved to Thursday night, and it ain’t fear. If I know how much it means to my younger brother to whip me, even though I know I can kick his azz, I’m going to square my shoulders and get myself ready for whatever cheap shots he’s about to throw at me out of desperation. And we’re all in agreement that the Tiggers are desperate.

    The bye week won’t help you this week, Tiggers. Come to papa.

  6. 8

    You, Saban, the team, and all the Bama fans are taking AU for granted. Thats exactly the way we like it. I believe that you will have some post championship air let out of your balloon. We will see what kind of team this turns out to be. Mclain and that bunch of seniors were hungry. Not so sure about the pre-madonnas this year. ALmost looking like the USC team a couple of years ago.

  7. 9

    hehe lks lik u bamurs r scred of gene chizik and auburn. no worrys, we always ben da best tem in alabam, we gonna win us da next 10 irin bowlss.

    war dam eagle, gotta go, the cement truck comes a callin.

  8. 10

    “You, Saban, the team, and all the Bama fans are taking AU for granted. Thats exactly the way we like it.”

    Bull. It pisses you off. That is why you are here.

  9. 11

    If any of these idiots had half a brain, they’d realize they need the bye week after their Bama game to heal from their most physical beating of the year. Saban is 5-0 in the last 5 such games anyway, so no worries.

  10. 13

    I have it on a good source that Saban hates Auburn, too. The source is Nick Saban, as he classily said in the 08 IB, “You know how much I hate those %$#@’n guys!!” Boy, that’s some breaking news.

  11. 14

    You are right Ballplay. Auburn is the traditional underdog, that is the Auburn identity. You already know what Bamas is so I don’t have to tell you.

  12. 15

    BPI:Sounds like ‘little hitler’has spanked you and yours before.Your world is Crimson – Enjoy.

  13. 18

    BP don’t be talking about people who can’t see. They ought to rename Auburn as the School for the Blind, since all the fans seem to be that way. But who cares if Saban is a short man? Remember ya’lls howdy doody coach Buster Brown? He wasn’t very tall and took your probationed tiggers undefeated.

  14. 20

    And you are wrong for thinking Saban and the fans are taking Auburn for granted. Any knowledgeable person can see the great divide in Bama and Auburn right now. The only hope Auburn has against Bama is to overachieve as the underdog. Saban is teaching his boys how to DOMINATE, like he said he was gonna do to ya’ll the day he was hired.

  15. 22

    Who makes the schedules? Obama? Troy King?

    The SEC does!

    About all this perceived, “They’re pickin’ on us” from Alabama fans, if the Tide is so ooooo deep, and sooooo talented as some of you seem to think, they shouldn’t have to break a sweat with any of the teams they play who’ve had an open date before they play Bama except South Carolina and LSU. And guess who has an open date before they play LSU?

    As I recall, Coach Saban complained that he didn’t like to have play Auburn with only 5 days to get ready after their long-awaited, titanic clash with Georgia State. Georgia State agreed to move the game to an ESPN Thursday night extravaganza because they’d play Bama anywhere, anytime for the $$$$$$$$$$.

    Want to guess how many open dates Auburn has before the Iron Bowl? If you guessed NONE you’d be right.

    One reminder for those of you who may have forgotten, Bama barely managed 4 field goals against Lane Kiffin’s Tennessee and won when the Vols had two field goals blocked in the last 10 seconds.

    Then the beat heavy underdog Auburn in the last minute and a helf after trailing the entire game. This was the same team they beat 36-0 the previous season.

    They won both games, to their credit, but as the British are fond of saying “Just.”

  16. 23

    BPI Says:
    July 29th, 2010 at 3:58 pm
    You, Saban, the team, and all the Bama fans are taking AU for granted. Thats exactly the way we like it.

    Yep that is exactly what you do with a doormat… ou wipe your feet on it on the way to where you are going ……

  17. 27

    tmc…I just love to stir the crap. Love a good arguement. Heck , when I was a kid, I cant even tell you how many times I got stung when poking a stick , or throwing a rock at a wasp nest. I should get royalties for the way I cause traffic on this board.

  18. 28

    Yeah BP goes to the zoo and uses a short stick to poke at the bears in the bear cage. He likes gettin mauled! The perfect Auburn fan!

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