UA-bound teen shoots 57

From the AP, Bobby Wyatt shot a 57 at the Alabama Boys State Junior Championship. The University of Alabama-bound teen, who turns 18 this weekend, had 12 birdies, an eagle and five pars Wednesday on the par-71, 6,628-yard course at the Country Club of Mobile. His birdie putt hung on the lip on the 18th green and he had to settle for par. (read more about Alabama golf in the story below)


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    Almost freaked out on that one. I saw the headline and the first thing I thought is that some kid had went out and shot up another school. whew….

    Sadly I knew that BPI and Julio whould have been posting something like PAROLE TIDE!

  2. 2

    That is correct alrightyrundmc!
    I keep expecting to open my Birmingham News and find out a CrimsonBammurDoosh has popped a box of caps off and killed 25 future fast food workers at a UAT in Tuscaloser County enginerring class.

    But to breifly change the topic… there is a new and mighty wind a blowin’ right out of Lee County. That wind is called the wind of change. Sure we are keeping all of our fine and totally original traditions and heretages at Auburn University (the real University in Alabama). But things are going to be different.
    Why you ask….? I will tell you why.
    Trooper Taylor. Think about it Bammercramps from UTA (thats the University of tuscaloser in alabama (ROFLMAO!!!!). Trooper is tuned into the new age hip hop bee bop shoe de doo wap of the new genereation. He literally has his finger on the pulse of college recruiting.
    And what about Gus Malzahn. The man is offensive gold. Where else can your team combine a statue of liberty play pass that is actually a combination double reverse, pass, field goal and punt all roled into ONE SINGLE PLAY!!!
    What is the SEC going to do when Auburn lines up for a kickoff and then does a dipsy dp trickeroo and ends up passing 36 yeards for a chipshot field goal. Ill tell you… Not a damn thing….All you will hear is the collective jaws of the unlearned and unwashed hitting the sidewalk.
    I know some of yall are scratching your heads. I will clue you in… think…..HURRY UP OFFENSE.
    I cant give away anymore of our 1001 reason auburn will win the national championshop this year but I am sure you are quaking in your crimson covered pickup trucks and milwakee’s best beer is spilling everywhere.
    Be AFRAID BAMMERTROLLS FROM The University of Tuscaloser Alabammer.
    BWA HA HA HA!!!!

  3. 3

    **** you douche bags, that kid just went out and wrote history today. I know no one will let you guys within 100 yrds of their CC entrance, but give the kid some props. I am sure yall play w clam shells attached to your hickory sticks, but that kid will get more ass then you all ever did sniffing the **** off of the shrooms. War the fact that a national radio show makes fun of you dorks every day.

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