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    Les Miles

    the way I see it… oil and water dont mix. I dont have anything more than a theory about that mind you….. but that is just the way I see it.
    maybe if they would stop using so much oil we could save our coastline. I really think that all of the technologies isnt being applied. For example.( Now stay with me here, I am shooting from the hip on this one.) did you ever see those cars the flinstones drive around. yeah. thats right pretty cool technology. and just think about how in shape your family would get flintstoning that car up and down the boulevard. its a win-win.
    and what about those flying cars that fold up and fit into a brief case on the Jetsons. think about it … It could be feasable. No more garages just put the car in the closet and hope no one presses the wrong button getting it out.
    If nothing else how about some more of those vans like the mystery machine from Scooby do where are you? huh?
    Now I know some of you will say we already have a buttload of ugly vans on the street. But stick with me here…. Have you ever seen the Mystery Machine at teh gas pump. HELL NO. the question is how can we transfer these thoeries to reality. I have the game plan … Now lets make it work. Jordan Jefferson for Heisman baby!

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