Rethinking 2004: Utah should be champion

Football Writers may get it right, name Utah 2004 national champion

Wait. Of course, that wasn’t what the Birmingham News wrote. The News’ scribe has launched the campaign to name Auburn the 2004 national champion. But why Auburn and not Utah?

“The FWAA has an admirable record of independent thinking,” according to the Birmingham News. What could be more independent than picking Utah?

Utah wasn’t the sexy pick in 2004. It isn’t the sexy pick today.

But Utah had the best coach—Urban Meyer.

It had first round NFL pick Alex Smith; Smith posted a 21-1 record for the Utes as a starter.

But Pravda wants the Auburn Tigers to win a retroactive title.

It is sad and pathetic.

Perfect for a dying entity like newspapers, and a football program on life support.