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Was today the best day for pro-Auburn spin coming out of the, err Pravda?

Perhaps. And that is saying something for a website that featured pro-Auburn beat writers like Charles Goldberg and Phillip Marshall.

First today was Kevin Scarbinsky’s campaign to name Auburn the 2004 national champion.

Then Evan Woodbery posts an apology for the craptastic tackling displayed by Auburn and Iowa State under Gene Chizik. (See story here.)

Woodbery writes, “Moral of the story: There’s more than one way to skin a cat. Chizik and Rhoads were both accomplished defensive coordinators. Is it possible that the Chizik/Muschamp style is a better fit for a school like Auburn, whereas Rhoads’ style is a better fit for Iowa State?”

Chizik’s style better fit for Auburn?

Did Woodbery see any of Auburn’s pathetic tackling last season?

But don’t let facts get in the way of your spin! You’ve got to keep telling Auburn fans how great Gene Chizik is.

Once again it is clear. If you subscribe or buy a copy of the Birmingham News, or visit, then you are supporting Auburn. Alabama fans should be reading the Tuscaloosa News online or in print.


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    I can’t believe you didn’t already initiate the smear campaign against Woodberry in the first column on this subject. Don’t forget to smear Forde too, Cappy. After all, he did include comments from Rhoads in his post that basically said the exact same thing as Woodberry. CECIL HURT OR BUST!!!. BTW, tell Ray Keller I need someone to co-sign a loan for me.

  2. 2

    Forde included Rhoades coachspeak. But anyone who can read understands the whole point was that Iowa State improved under a new coach.

    Woodbery just performed oral sex on Chizik so the Chiz wouldn’t feel so bad.


    This isn’t journalism.

  3. 3

    No, anyone who reads through crimson colored glasses can interpret things anyway they want.

    Woodberry has slammed AU and Chizik on a number of occasions. It’s funny how you call the guy pathetic simply because he (correctly) points out that both Rhoads and Chizik were accomplished coordinators who have different styles, all the while directing your readers to a publication whose sports editor is an admitted laughing stock of ethical violations in reporting.

  4. 4

    Chizik is an accomplished coordinator.

    Is he an accomplished head coach?

    Have any of his teams tackled worth a damn?

  5. 6

    Just providing some context to the discussion. The key here is that Gene Chizik sucks as a head coach. 😉

  6. 7

    Chiznit thinks a win over Northwestern is worth 3 in the W column. He still thinks he won 10 last year. Hence the newest lame Barner motto, “Eight Ain’t enough.” The numbers never add up for those poor BarnNecks, do they?

  7. 8
    MidWestBamaFan really upsets me. Read any of the stories on Alabama’s part of the site, and usually the first 10 comments are made by freaking Auburnites! When you post a comment on Charles Goldberg’s blog that trash talks Auburn, the SOB deletes and censors your comments so you don’t upset the sensitive Auburn fans.

  8. 11
    Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxyfarfar away. FormerlyE.G. White

    Of course CheezeButt is a great defensive coach. The point being “great” by who’s standards. Obviously 8-5 is great by Barner standards. But just plain sucks by Bama standards. RTR!

  9. 12

    Cap. You sound like a spoiled brat. Give it a rest. I know , that you know who won the BCS last year, so why not dwell on that ?

  10. 13

    Yep. Bama won the NC last year, odds are on them repeating. No problems at Bama. But you guys trying to spin Chizik as the right man at Auburn is pretty entertaining. You guys are like the Tennessee fans last year defending Kiffin. If the defense sucks again, and you know it just might be worse, what will the Auburn spin be then? “We won the 2004 NC”?

  11. 14

    Hell I like Chizik at Auburn. He is not 1/2 the coach Tommy Tuberville was and any coach still breathing would probably be an upgrade. lets keep tha chiz down home cuz…….

    BTW. I say let the pravda bunch do what they do. It just makes the credibilty of their crappy little paper that much less.

  12. 15

    But these Auburn guys are holding on to hope that Chizik can out do Saban at what he does. What else can they do at this point? How long can Chizik keep the wheels on? Well, that answer is directly related to what is going on in Tuscaloosa. But the Auburn spin and the way they do math is sure entertaining in the off season!

  13. 16

    That Woodberry article was pathetic. He would be better off not writing anything. At least try to be objective. Reading it, I was embarassed for him.

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