A sample front of a redesigned Birmingham News

Was today the best day for pro-Auburn spin coming out of the, err Pravda?

Perhaps. And that is saying something for a website that featured pro-Auburn beat writers like Charles Goldberg and Phillip Marshall.

First today was Kevin Scarbinsky’s campaign to name Auburn the 2004 national champion.

Then Evan Woodbery posts an apology for the craptastic tackling displayed by Auburn and Iowa State under Gene Chizik. (See story here.)

Woodbery writes, “Moral of the story: There’s more than one way to skin a cat. Chizik and Rhoads were both accomplished defensive coordinators. Is it possible that the Chizik/Muschamp style is a better fit for a school like Auburn, whereas Rhoads’ style is a better fit for Iowa State?”

Chizik’s style better fit for Auburn?

Did Woodbery see any of Auburn’s pathetic tackling last season?

But don’t let facts get in the way of your spin! You’ve got to keep telling Auburn fans how great Gene Chizik is.

Once again it is clear. If you subscribe or buy a copy of the Birmingham News, or visit, then you are supporting Auburn. Alabama fans should be reading the Tuscaloosa News online or in print.