Tennessee benefits most from agent scandal

My illustration above best tells the story of the headline, but allow me to go a little further.

While Bryce Brown’s “hold out” continues to hold the University of Tennessee hostage, and in the wake of UT’s moonshine brawl at a Knoxville bar and subsequent revelation of football player “VIP status” there and possibly other places in them thar hills, perhaps the best thing that’s happened to Tennessee football in a long time took place 875 miles away in South Beach.

I remember the Clinton administration, when Monica apparently liked to demonstrate her love for cigars in the Oval Office.  Supposedly, to deflect attention from his negative “exposure”, if you will, Bill Clinton ordered an attack on an  aspirin factory in Afghanistan, claiming it was a terrorist operation he was trying to stamp out.

It’s called the old bait and switch, devised to take attention off of the real issue and place it on another.

While Tennessee football had no control over whatever took place in South Beach, there’s no denying they have benefited the most from its aftermath.

The circus, chaos and thuggery that is Tennessee football has been shelved for the moment, possibly not to be seen again until they offer their best imitation of UAB this football season.

But the jury is still out on whether or not Derek Dooley can change the culture of Tennessee football, and all the black eyes that come with it.


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    INtheKnow72 the vols did get off the hook with the media in hoover after Saban went off with the pimp statement!! I will all
    ways dislike the cow college but want Phat Phil tried to do to the
    crimson tide I HATE THE FUCKING BASTARDS with my guts!! RTR

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