Brett Favre is a drama queen?

What is it about Brett Favre that has some fans and columnists so upset?

If you don’t like Favre, then this AP columnist will make your day. Such as this sample: “At some point all eyes will turn to the skies to see if the private jet sent by Vikings owner Zygi Wilf is on the way.

“It will be, of course, and Favre will get the obligatory hero’s welcome he so desperately seems to want. Then he’ll put on the pads and, barring injury, play better than any quarterback his age has a right to play.

“So far, the campaign is unfolding just as planned. About all that’s missing is a LeBron-like television special for Favre to announce his decision.

“But while James held a city hostage to stoke his massive ego, Favre has him beat.

“He has a whole state to toy with to satisfy his narcissistic desires.” (Read the entire rant about the Vikings potential quarterback in the column below)

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    if there’s a heaven, i am witness to j. b. books walking up to brett favre and bitch slapping him into retirement.

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