ACC UPDATE: ‘Strong commitment’ from schools

From the AP: A month earlier, all the talk in college circles centered around the possibility of another round of conference realignment, with concerns that uncertainty in the Big 12 and expansion by the Pac-10 and Big Ten would set off a chain reaction that would reshape the Football Championship Subdivision.

There were lingering questions about whether another conference would make a play for one or more ACC schools before the league ultimately stood pat.

“There were a lot of conferences that certainly were more active in terms of what was done or potentially being done than we were,” Swofford said. “But rest assured, we were quietly evaluating that landscape and our internal discussions to determine what’s in our best interests moving forward, and what ramifications on the (ACC), if any, might come from expansion by other conferences.

“Without question, at the presidential level of this league, there continues to be a strong commitment to each other, a strong commitment to the ACC, the belief that 12 is the right number for us, but a willingness, if the world changes around us, to take a look at what those changes mean. … We’re very comfortable with, not only 12, but the 12 that we have.” (read entire ACC update below)