AP’s Litke attacks Alabama’s Nick Saban

From the AP comes Litke’s attack on Alabama Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban. (You can read the entire column below the choice excerpts.)

Litke writes this about Alabama Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban’s thoughts on agents as pimps, “Oh, I don’t know, maybe the same way some parents felt when their son came home and told them you decided not to renew his scholarship, which undoubtedly said more about the caliber of athlete he is than whether he was a good student.”

And you have proof of that Litke? Has any athlete said he lost a scholarship because it was canceled? There have been players who transferred or were placed on medical scholarship, but not one athlete that I have heard about has come forward to say Nick Saban has revoked a scholarship. It would be nice if the august Associated Press would prevent distortions like this from being published. If Litke can provide any evidence of the screwing he alleges in his column then he should present the actual QUOTES and NAMES of the injured parties. Until then he should be viewed as spreading BS better suited for message boards and not a professional news service.

Of course Jim Litke doesn’t stop with attacks on Nick Saban. He goes on the offensive against all of college football. Like this: “Big-time college football is effectively running a minor-league system for the NFL, and they’re doing it largely on the backs of kids whose football schoolwork is so demanding that many will never be able to take advantage of the scholarship that gets thrown in with it.”

Really? Many? Just how many is many? I guess all those students who graduate with degrees and become doctors, lawyers and business leaders didn’t take advantage of that scholarship. That is good to know.

You can read the whole Litke column embedded below.