NEXT! Georgia gets call from NCAA

The reports, “The University of Georgia received a call from the NCAA late this afternoon, informing the school that it will send investigators onto campus to conduct an ‘inquiry.’ … The NCAA currently is investigating possible improper contact between players and agents at at least four schools — North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida and Alabama.”

UPDATE: TMZ reports, “TMZ has learned the University of Georgia is investigating whether football star A.J. Green partied on South Beach at the same bash that’s launched investigations at three other colleges.” Many additional details at TMZ.


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    Just funny how all of this is “timed” around SEC media days – although I could give a f_ck about Georgia – the NZAA is on it’s old school ropes to generate buzz about college football.

  2. 3

    Well I have a conspiracy theory I can’t back up about the NZAA – they hate us down here – they are close to Notre Dame – and I can’t prove a damn thing right now.

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    Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxyfarfar away. FormerlyE.G. White

    It’s a damn shame Abarn doesn’t have any pro quality athletes so they could get in on the fun too. RTR!

  4. 6

    crimsonite you havent heard? auburn has already filed a complaint with the NCAA because they were once again left out of something!

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