Nick Saban Punks LeBron James

If LeBron James has any collegiate eligibility left for football, he shouldn’t expect a scholly offer from Alabama head coach Nick Saban.

The Columbus Ledger-Enquirer reports an interesting take on the LeBron James situation from Alabama’s National Championship head coach at a recent high school coaching clinic in Huntsville.

When talking about leadership, the topic of LeBron James’ nationally televised announcement of his signing with the Miami Heat came up.

“The way (James) managed what he just did speaks volumes about who he is and whether he is a team guy — not because he left Cleveland, but the way he did it,” Saban said. “ … That’s not the kind of trust and respect you’d like to have in a team organization.”

Interpretation?  “LeBron, it’s all about you, huh?  Well, not in my organization, Nancy.”

It’s an interesting quote considering the way Saban left the Miami Dolphins to come to Alabama.  It’s also interesting in that Nick Saban has specifically mentioned the talented basketball player to his team when referring to what excellence looks like.

Apparently not anymore.

The grandiose, sell out nature of LeBron’s announcement reeked of self.  In contrast, Coach Saban quietly went about the process away from the camera with Miami Dolphins owner Wayne Huizenga, his wife Terry Saban and Alabama Athletics Director Mal Moore.

For Cleveland fans, the LeBron announcement was the equivalent of your wife or girlfriend going on national television to announce her break up with you for a new beau, then twenty four hours later copulating with him on TV for you to have to see.

That’s not leadership.  And from a man who has led his organizations to multiple championships to one who has yet to do so, Saban just told LeBron to sit down and shut up.