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    so many questions:

    where was that video filmed???

    who were the (recruiters?) hot chicks in the background???

    will the tennessee (posse?) fans put up with dooley if he’s really serious about cleaning out this thug culture in knoxville.

    folks like to point at kiffin as the prime suspect in all this but in reality he’s just the latest. this kind of thing has been going on in knoxville going all the way back into the seventies.

    for years the young “ladies” in the background have been red meat for potential athletes recruited to knoxville. traditionally when things get out of hand, (rapes, abuse) the knoxville police either look the other way or make it go away. last year’s incident with pearl’s basketball players just another in a long long line of examples.

    when your hear the line “will ut fans be patient with dooley”, it means will they let him clean up the cesspool.

    i’m betting they don’t. they’ve done it this way too long.

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    They will get it right in the long run. Doing what is necessary – busting asses and changing perceptions will be the hardest Mountain for them to climb.
    This Bama Nation had to be reborn to realize all of this.
    Can’t make Chicken Salad out of Chicken Shit.

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    That made my eyes and ears bleed. They should fire everyone that knew about this. This is worse than what happened at USC and UA….Wow.

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    Normally,when it comes to the Vowells,I would say “Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch.”But I really do believe Dooley will fix it,and I mean all of it.I just hope it takes him 3 or 4 years.

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    I agree on Dooley; he can make a fine coach for the Vols.

    It’s just extremely humorous that the same blinders that disabled the Vol faithful from seeing what a doufus Lane Kiffin was is blinding many of them from seeing what a good leader Dooley can be for them, and for that he probably won’t make it through the lean 2-3 years that’s coming.

    It’s great to be from Alabama.

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