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    Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxyfarfar away. FormerlyE.G. White

    Two things of note on this booring Saturday. 1. To all you cocksuckers praying that Bama f–ked up. Read USCw Mike Garrett”s ass kissing appology for his player and administrations lies. 2. If you had any doubts as to the NCAA’s affiliation with the Nazi party, the curtailing of freedom of speech at college football games should remove all doubt as to their incompetence to govern major college football. Rammer Jammer will live on I guarantee it. Very soon I will be posting information as to how donations can be made to a non-profit operation which will hire a Constitutional Law firm to file a class action lawsuit against the NCAA. This kind of shit is going to STOP! RTR!

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    i heard a tennessee fan on finebaum yesterday (friday) trying to rationalize the goings-on thursday nite in knoxville by saying this:

    “we’re all recruiting from the same cesspool….”

    i’ll be the first to admit, thru the trials and tribulations of saban’s first year or so i had my doubts about what he was doing.

    yesterday: d j hall. jeremy elder. jimmy johns.

    today: julio jones, terrence cody, greg mcelroy.

    i’d like to believe that like coach bryant, coach saban sees something special in the players he recruits to alabama.

    i KNOW in mark ingram he did.


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    Absolutely loved the video compilation of the triple crown season – can’t wait until September – roll tide roll.

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