Who knew! Lane Kiffin is a liar

Where Lane Kiffin goes, lies seem to follow.

The former Tennessee coach wrongfully accused Florida’s Urban Meyer of cheating. And not long after sanctions were announced against his new school, there came word from California that Florida and Alabama were cheating by contacting a USC underclassman.

Now USC has apologized for that false allegation.

According to the Bama Beat, Southern California’s athletic director Mike Garrett sent the Alabama Crimson Tide this apology:

“I have spoken with Mr. Baxter and he has now confirmed that he did not receive a call from your institution,” Garrett wrote to Moore. “Therefore, USC has no intention of pursuing this matter further.
“I apologize for any inconvenience or embarrassment this matter has caused to you and your institution.”

In the false allegations, the common denominator is Lane Kiffin. Kiffin was coach at Tennessee. Kiffin is now coach at USC.

While coach at Tennessee, Kiffin’s behavior made his former NFL boss Al Davis look normal.

To call Lane Kiffin a douche would be an insult to douches everywhere. He runs his mouth and acts like a jerk. While that might land the ladies (he does have a hot wife), it isn’t the best plan for running a major football program. It has consequences and increases scrutiny. And you don’t want scrutiny if you are USC. He is a walking rules violation, and USC is asking for serious NCAA problems by employing him. Southern Cal should be reminded of its status as a repeat violator. Having Kiffin as coach just asks for another round of NCAA investigation.

If USC wanted to impress the NCAA with a newfound commitment to compliance, it would fire Kiffin. Immediately.

Is Mike Garrett smart enough to do that?


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    i don’t know, i kind of liked the fact he was at tennessee. those pumpkins were lapping up his poison.

    finebaum is currently talking about richrod. now talk about dodging a bullet!!!


  2. 4

    ESPN had a poll that read “What kind of succes would Alabama have had under Rich Rod” yesterday I believe.

    You people better thank your lucky stars that dude didnt take the job…Even Spurrier…that dude needs to be taken aout to pasture…

    Why couldnt one of those guys taken the job ?

  3. 6

    I don’t think we’ll ever fully understand how fortunate we were to get Nick Saban. This is saying alot, but given today’s football climate for success, restrictions for operation and the level of incompetence the program had sunk to, it may be the best thing that has ever happened to the University of Alabama.

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