Poor Tommy Tuberville! He was telling the truth

Poor Tommy Tuberville. He gets in trouble for telling the truth.

From the AP: “In an interview this week on Rivals Radio, Tuberville said there is ‘too much disparity between all the teams’ in the Big 12 in how money is distributed. Tuberville said he’s not sure how long a 10-team league will last. Big 12 commissioner Dan Beebe says Tuberville’s comments ‘were unfortunate, and contrary to the very strong feelings of unity expressed publicly and privately by the Big 12 Board of Directors and athletic directors.’”

Tuberville is correct this time. The Little 12 can’t last in its present arrangement. I guess Little 12 Commissioner Dan Beebe had to squelch dissent before the truth got out. Good job. Nobody knows the Little 12 will collapse sooner rather than later.

Is there a more incompetent conference commissioner than this guy?

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    Wow, Tommy told it like it really is…
    The sky must be falling and the devil must be sucking on a popsickle at this very moment……

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