Georgia is where the action is

OK, Georgia is where the action is. And I do mean action.

Bulldog athletic director gets arrested for DUI, but that isn’t the best part of the story. Here is the best part of the story from the AJC: “The trooper, who noted that Evans had a pair of red panties between his legs, asked the athletic director “what her panties were doing in his side of the seat. He stated, ‘She took them off and I held them because I was just trying to get her home.’ Evans told the trooper ‘there was nothing there’ between him and the Buckhead woman ‘because he had a wife and family.’ You can read more on the story and see the mugshots of the athletic director and the 28-year-old girl that was with him at this link.

Sports is a soap opera for men.

Only soap operas are more believable. I mean really, what kind of idiotic excuse was that? He should have come up with something more believable. Maybe something like her panties just fell off, or these are mine officer because I like feeling special and pretty, or these belong to Uga.

Really, anything would’ve been better than what he told the police officer: “Nothing there because he had a wife and a family?” Sure, no married man has engaged in extra-marital relationships before. I’m sure we are all convinced.


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    If you’re reading this and you’re married, learn from this schmuck, will ya?

    Mess around and those few minutes of sexual euphoria will cost you far more than you’re willing to give.

    Keep your pants on. And hers.

  2. 2

    Don’t date Homey Women from Statesboro.
    They were both trying to have an “Red Out”.
    The Plan was for both of them to wear Red Panties.

  3. 4

    channeling howell heflin:

    But there are some artifacts that you come to realize are real treasures. Like my favorite press release of all time. It is dated July 19, 1994, and was issued by then-Senator Howell Heflin’s office. That morning, the Senator had been dining in the Capitol with some Alabama reporters, and suddenly felt a sniffle coming on. The reporters were aghast when the Senator reached into his pocket, pulled out a bit of fabric and began to wipe his nose with … a pair of ladies underwear. Hence the following:

    JULY 19, 1994

    I mistakenly picked up a pair of my wife’s white panties and put them in my pocket while I was rushing out the door to go to work.

    Rather than take a chance on being embarrassed again, I’m going to start buying colored handkerchiefs.

    Read more:

    yeah, he felt a “sniffle” coming on!

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    Alex Hamilton

    Evans could have told the truth, but I’m sure the cop knew that Evans had just “hunkered down on a hairy Dog.”

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