BREAKING: Alabama-Ga. State moved to Thursday

The Alabama Crimson Tide will play its game against Georgia State on Thursday night. From the official press release:

The University of Alabama and Georgia State University have mutually agreed to move the date of their 2010 football game to Thursday, November 18.

The contest was changed from its original date of Saturday, Nov. 20. Kickoff time for the game at Bryant-Denny Stadium has not been determined.

“We have a number of scheduling challenges this year in football and this was the best way for us to deal with one of those,” said Athletics Director Mal Moore. “We explored all options available to us, with our players’ health and safety in mind. This was our best remedy. We deeply appreciate everyone’s cooperation, particularly Dr. Witt and Georgia State.”


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    Saban is freakin’ pansey. It’s Georgia freakin’ State. They’ve never even played football before this year. The other opponents on their schedule includes such stalwarts as Shorter, Campbell, Lambuth, Old Dominion, and Savannah State (and they’ll probably lose to all of them.) Play nothing but the 3rd string and let the GA’s handle all the game planning, you’ll still win by 4 td’s. Is Saban really this scared about the Auburn game??

  2. 4

    Sounds to me like you Aubarn fans are little bit concerced about Bama getting extra time to prepare against your team. Sorry, there shall be no moral victory in T-Town this year… just a straight up good ole fashion ass whooping that Alabama is going to give Aubarn.

  3. 6

    Julio is a barner winer. The only chance the barn had at having a chance in hell of beating Bama just flew out the door. Wonder if they’ll have time to implement a completely different defense than they ran all year against anyone else? I highly doubt it. CNS and staff will mow over their asses again like they did year before last. Love to see the barners wine.

  4. 7

    Hey Obamasux, auburn’s chance at beating Bama didn’t “just fly out the door”. auburn HAD NO CHANCE anyway. The only thing different is that it’ll be 55-3 instead of 40-3.

  5. 9

    Auburn is the one doing the whining?? Auburn wasn’t the one crying to the media about the dire necessity of re-scheduling a freakin’ Div. III cupcake that’s never even fielded a team before this year.

  6. 10

    I will agree that if Bama’s Conference Opponents did not all have an bye week before playing us – this game would be serious disservice to the Nation .I will say that I have never liked any of these games – however it is justified in the face of scheduling chicanery by the SEC.
    The Fact is that Auburn has and will schedule Games like this too. It is absurd and hypocritical to suggest anything else.
    Sorry Julio. The Shit ain’t sticking on the wall.

  7. 11

    Those who are unfamiliar, don’t be fooled by the AU smokescreen. They want to divert attention towards Ga State, but the real issue is they need, and have always needed, help to have success.

    In this case, like last year, they needed distractions to muddy the water for them so they could sneak up and bite.

    That Saban is too smart for that, after last year, chaps their asses like crazy.

    The Malzahn dipsy-doo offense works best when teams aren’t ready. That’s how trickeration works.

    So now, Bama will be ready, coming off a thursday night scrimmage with a full seven days to prepare.

    Oh what a Thanksgiving this shall be!

  8. 12
    Alex Hamilton

    Julia is still a douche. Can we still say douche here? Gotta love this censorship.

    At least we kept the game and diddnt tell TV and the other school to go to Hell. See Tubberville re: 1999 AU vs. FSU game. Or, if you need a chiznik example, AU’s recent “no thanks” to the Chick fil A kickoff invites. War Damn Chicken!!!!

  9. 13

    Thanks for admitting my point was valid, ITK. Saban is so scared of Auburn that he will even re-schedule a game against a D-III cupcake that’s never even played fb before this year just to have an extra day or two of practice to prepare. Funny though, I never heard any of you complaining about the “short week” before the Iron Bowl last year. You only started hurling out that excuse afterwards. The only thing I remember coming from you before the game were cute cartoons of steam rollers saying “Daddy’s coming”.

    Alexis, the difference between AU and Bama fans is that we will universally admit that it was a wimp decision to not accept the Chik Fil A game. You’re sitting there acting like it was a brave move to not duck out of playing Ga State.

  10. 14

    Yes Alex, Julia is still a douche.

    The only thing this proves, douche, is that we finally have a coach who understands the rivalry. I’m not sure a two time national champion is scared of a 13-24 coach and his high school phenom OC, but I do think he understands that beating Bama is the object every year for abarn, mainly because they are never in contention for anything bigger. And since we seemingly will be in contention for a game that takes place in Atlanta the week after the Iron Bowl for the foreseeable future (I know, the game itself is the stuff of myths in Lee County, like Big Foot), Saban is wisely taking care of business so as to avoid any trip wires laid by a cowardly enemy.

    So yes, with that in mind, like an Al Queda operative, willing to do anything, regardless of how cheesy or even cowardly to come out on top, Saban understands the danger and has taken the necessary steps to offset it. But to say he’s scared of abarn…girl, please.

    Bama spanking little sis in front of 102,000…Oh what a Thanksgiving this shall be!

  11. 15

    So, Auburn laid a “trip wire” inthe way your team scheduled Georgia State ? That’s a joke dude….

    And the extra two days to prepare for the trickeration / dipsey do offense will make all the difference in Iron Bowl ?

    You should hear yourself…

    We will be a much improved team this year from last….You will not be any better…In fact, you will probably be not quite as good.

    Maybe your world beater team does need a couple more days to prepare for AU…..At least Saban thinks so…

  12. 16

    auburn has the week off before they play us…….they play……nobody.

    but listen to the screams of indignation from fans of a team who plays……nobody the week before, when we carve out a couple of days of relief in our schedule.

    what are you dickheads really worried about, julio???

  13. 17

    “We will be a much improved team this year from last….You will not be any better…In fact, you will probably be not quite as good.”

    ok, bpi, let’s run with that. you’re gonna pound us at home, right?

    what the fuck is your problem???

  14. 18

    I do hear myself BP, and what I hear is total common sense.

    In yours, Julio’s and every aubsessed abarn fan’s exhaustive search for validation of your Ole Missesque football program, you’ve settled on the issue of Saban wanting a full seven days to get his team rested and ready for the Iron Bowl.

    I understand that. And personally, the hypocrisy finebammer just pointed out is precious. You don’t want ANYTHING ahead of us, yet want to roll around on the ground and flail like a soccer player for us trying to arrange a full week. That’s priceless.

    But your desperation to connect the dots between his actions and “fear” is as funny as anything as you’ve ever said on this board. It borders on downright hysterical.

    I understand you not understanding the importance of getting every “t” crossed and “i” dotted before championship games begin, because you never find your pathetic 1-AA with a big stadium team in such games.

    But give us a break, BP:

    “We will be a much improved team this year from last….You will not be any better…In fact, you will probably be not quite as good.”

    That may be true, because it’s hard to be better than 14-0, SEC Champs, NATIONAL CHAMPS, Heisman Trophy Winners with 6 1st team All-Americans.

    But as Cecil Hurt said it best, AU isn’t chasing a target that’s standing still. We are so far ahead we would have to lay down or be put down in order for you to catch us…the latter usually being your strategy.

    But check it…while you’re still cleaning up confetti from your top five signing class, we’re getting ready to roll our fourth IN A ROW. There is talent on top of talent that’ll be wearing Crimson on that glorious Thanksgiving Day. I can safely say we could step over the cow patties and walk on campus in abarn and replace sixteen of your starters with our players. And that’s a conservative number.

    Oh what a glorious Thanksgiving it will be!

  15. 19

    No problem…..But your dooshbag coach knew the schedule at least a year ago…Why change it now ? I will tell you why….He knows he is going to need the extra two days….Why is that ? Because he knows you could lose.

    I didnt say we would pound you at home , did I ?

    And, we scheduled an off weak before the Iron bowl on purpose….Thats what you do when making your schedule…You look at the friggin games.

    What knd of crap would we be catching if we looked to push the Georgia game back 2 days ?

  16. 20

    No BP, because our 2-time national champion head coach thought our off week would best be used before LSU…when the game that decides the SEC West each year…than against Ole Miss East (abarn). But the Iron Bowl falling on Thanksgiving was a problem, that our genius of a head coach has solved.

    You just can’t stand the fact that, unlike previous Bama head men, he has abarn figured out. Again, ask Urban what it’s like to face Saban the second time with an “innovative” offense.

    There’s a scene in the Adam Sandler movie “Billy Madison” where he is playing dodgeball with a bunch of kindergartners at recess, totally destroying them. Expect a similar scene while with your turkey-fattened tummy you stare at your T.V. screen and see Nick Saban pointing out that your emperor has no clothes…in front of 102,000 strong.

    Give thanks, with a grateful heart…

  17. 21

    It’s really cute how your stories change over time, ITK. I don’t remember any complaining last year about short weeks or needing an “extra year” to figure out Malzhan’s offense (despite the fact that there was 4 years worth of game film to watch.) All I remember is being told that Bama would kill, destroy, and “flatten” AU up to the eve of the game.

    Seeing as how you brought up the Fla. game, if Bama’s loss in the 02 IB didn’t count because Fran’s mind was
    “a million miles away”, why does Bama’s victory over Fla. count when Urban Meyer was so sick that nearly dropped dead and had to be rushed to the hospital a few hour after the game?? Gee, one would think a life threatening illness would be at least as distracting as a job offer from Tex A&M.

    Hey ITK, Phil Steele thinks AU has a shot to be undefeated going into the IB, but you think AU will completely suck. I just can’t make up my mind on which of the two of you would be more knowledgeable and objcetive….

  18. 22

    Like I said, this isnt the 09 Au team…We will be better…Much better.

    you will not be better. maybe not worse. But definantly not better.

    I like our chances.

  19. 23

    Yeah, and it turns out Meyer’s ailment was what, a heart murmur?

    “Urban Meyer was so sick that nearly dropped dead and had to be rushed to the hospital a few hour after the game…”

    Do you have anyone proof what you write before you push “Submit Comment”?

    And BP, I like Abarn’s chances too. Clearly one year is all it takes to overtake a national champion. THIS is your year. (Drink that koolaid, BP…drink it down!)

    Julio, if Abarn goes undefeated, I will leave this board, reveal my identity, and send you $100. How confident are you to flip it and do the same? Now who ya goin’ with, me or Phil?

  20. 24

    By the way, I think I have a shot at winning the Boston Marathon this year. I heard Phil Steele thinks I do too, so that must mean I’m a lock.

  21. 25

    keep dreaming B.uttP.lugI.nserted, Bama will be as good as last year and have as a legitimate shot at the BCS n.c. game as anybody else does, awbrum on the other hand, will continually struggle with that gimmick filled off hand high school offense, and the defense,see last year, and by the way fear could be defined as going through an eleven game gauntlet to save your bye for the last game of the season

  22. 28

    I see nothing wrong with this since 6 teams have scheduled their bye week before playing us. What’s wrong with 2 extra days of resting our players who WILL be banged up by November. I think this is an excellent move.

    Depending on our ranking and status in late November — it might be televised on ESPN — but this might be a “dirty windshield” PPV that won’t be able to make it to the game.

    BTW — FUCK YOU AUBARN — WE ARE SCARED?!? — no YOU ARE SCARED because you schedule your BYE week before playing us so fuck off! Crystal bitches. —

    For those saying GA. St. won’t “pose a threat” — look again — what team WOULDN’T want to knock off a D-I team like U of A and catch them “slipping up” like a La-Monroe situation. Just because the “yellow schoolbus” rolls into town doesn’t mean our players won’t be prone to injury. It’s the Aubarn faggots who shchedule their BYE week before they play us — tired of ranting … more ammunition is reloaded if someone wants to play about this situation …

    Crystal bitches.

  23. 29

    hmmm… I would think that Bama could use the rest on the way to the SEC championship game too….
    Auburn is a speed bump this year. Not an obstical.

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