What really goes on at Big Cat Weekend?

What goes on at Big Cat stays at Big Cat.

As our trusted and fearless leader Cappy uncovered for us in a brilliant piece about Tim Jamesa recent article on espn.com may have uncovered the real draw of Big Cat Weekend.  In the article, senior linebacker Josh Bynes, put it this way:

“What we love the most about Coach Chizik is that he gets in our behinds every single play — defense, offense and special teams,” Bynes said. “He’s a competitor, and we see that in him. I’m not saying that Coach Tuberville wasn’t a great coach. He was a very good coach. But Coach Chizik is more into you.  He’s a players’ coach. He’s in the drills. He’s in our faces. He’s getting in our behinds.”

With another Big Cat Weekend coming up, Auburn recruiting coordinator Curtis Luper told Auburn B’ham News spinwriter Charles Goldberg this about last year’s weekend:

“There were some guys who had strong bonds from that particular weekend,” Luper said, “and it carried over during the season and after the season, and subsequently, some of those guys are on the ball team. There’s no question there were some bonds made.”

Some are asking, what kind of bonds are we talking about?  What is really going on behind closed doors?  It seems that if you want to come to a place where the head coach is into you and wants to get in your behind, Auburn may be for you.

I think it’s great that there’s a place where players can just be themselves. War Eagle, ya’ll!


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    Alex Hamilton

    This is why I was not shocked that a guy in a purple tie with white polka dots chose Auburn. Region is FABULOUS!!!!!

  2. 5

    Hey goofballs. You idiots cant even host a regional cuz you didnt send in a bid. What a bunch of dumbasses. lol

  3. 6

    MANdi it dont matter if bama hosts a regional or not hell even if auburn hosts one they will be watching other teams play.they will be one and done on their own damn field. auburn cant beat anyone that has pitching bama proved that in their 3 wins over u barners. oh yea yall can count that practice game yall won over bama. and somebody needs to get the capstones resident barners opinion on getting into young mens rear ends because if anyone knows anything about that subject its him. RTR

  4. 7

    new recruiting slogan for 2010-2011. Welcome to Auburn the loveliest villiage on the plains. Where the men are men and the livestock are scared shitless!

  5. 8

    Mandi, you are one pathetic dame. That’s all you had for us?

    And tell me, didya cry when Bama stomped that tail for ya Wednesday? One run…really?

  6. 9
    Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy far far away. FormerlyE.G. White

    Dumbass Mandible Bitch. An unranked team cannot host a regional. There was no need to put in a bid. The best Bama could have hoped for was to shine in the SEC tournament and secure a #2 seed in a regional. Which they certainly will do. The more you run your fucking mouth, the more certain we are that you’re retarded. Tune in at noon tomorrow and watch how a real Alabama team wins the SEC. Oh, and by the way, isn’t this the Awbies best team ever? Thought so. Bwaa Haww Haww!! RTR!

  7. 10

    Glad to hear Chiznit is such a competitor. Where I come from we defined “competitor” as someone who could finish both 1st AND 3rd in a jack-off contest. DWWD Barnies!

  8. 11

    Hey bammer trash. Your dike women softball teams chokes. You choked against LSU. And you dont get a host site cuz your to dam stupid to send in a dam bid. Boy you bammer trash are dumbarses arent you. And look for AU to get another top 5 recruitng class. Your all idiots

  9. 12

    Before you call someone else an idiot you bimbo, go back to 4th grade and learn the difference between the words “your” and “you’re.”

  10. 13

    And look for us to bag our third #1 class in four years, and drop #3 in a row on you in front of 103,000 next November.

    And you never answered, Mandi. Did you cry when we spanked that arse for you last Wednesday??

  11. 14

    You idiots are gonna look stupid when you lose to us again, bragging like all get out. Well keep our mouth shut and you hope you beat us cuz if you dont youll have egg all over your dam face. Thats why you keep ya dam mouth shut till you win. Last yr was last yr. This is this yr. Whatever moron ask me about crying. Thir gril is to dam mean to cry. If and when I do it wont be over a dam football game. It will be over a dam death or something of that nature. You bammer idiots are weird and always have been. BTW Do any of you fools work? Just asking. BTW I hope Tech beats ya to a pulp and whoever else is in that bracket. War Damn Eagle Go Tigers Good day.

  12. 15

    ITK, as soon as I read Josh Bynes’ quote last week I was wondering how long it would take you to post something about it. Talk about your easy layups…geez.

  13. 16

    ITK or In the butt is always looking for an easy layup.

    Saban is gonna have midget porn at the Bama recruiting parties.

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