Oklahoma St. & conference expansion

AP: Prominent Oklahoma State booster T. Boone Pickens believes his alma mater should stay put in the Big 12. Speaking at the state Capitol in Oklahoma City, Pickens said Wednesday that he doesn’t think Oklahoma State should move to another conference “before you’re required to make that decision.”

The entire AP report follows below. The key point is that T. Boone Pickens didn’t confirm or deny anything in this public comment; he simply said he wasn’t going to make a conference decision until it was “required.” Of course there was this quote too: “I think we’re attractive,” he said. Attractive for what? Any conference that might need to expand?


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    Funny,I was thinking the same the other day….why not OkieState?
    Imagine what the Sonner faithful would think.I don’t necessarily think Tx/TxA&M is a good fit for the SEC.
    I don’t like Fl.State,because when Bowden was approached about why they chose the ACC he said “i want to pick my own patsies.”
    Why not OkieState & Miami to the SEC.It wouldn’t change the dynamic of the East/West that alreadt exist….Thoughts ?

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    k mills

    Okie State to the SEC? Well, you have to have more than a wish and a twinkle in your eye to be attractive to a major conference. While it’s true OSU has had some pretty decent football teams lately and has done well in other sports on occasion, but the overall consistency and dominance is not there. And, while it’s not OSU fault they are sitting in a small populated state with relatively few tv viewers, that’s one of the main criteria for the SEC is expanding their TV audience and Ok just does not do much in that area.

    I believe the best thing is to sit tight, wait to see if the Pac 10/Big 12 arrangement amounts to anything…who knows things might be better than ever in a couple years. Apparently Texas wants to make a go of it with the Big 12 although I’m sure their phone has been ringinf off the wall with suitors. As long as Texas seems committed, the chances of survival are much greater.

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    Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy far far away. FormerlyE.G. White

    Tv is not the attraction of Okie St. It’s the 300 million and counting that Pickens shovels into their coffers. But you’ll never get Okie – Okie St. or Tex – Tex A&M one without the other any more than you could seperate Bama and Auburn. My fantasy conference would include 20 teams: West – Bama, LSU, Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Arkansas, Ole Miss, Tex A&M, Okie St, Miss St. East – Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Auburn, Miami, Florida St, Va Tech, So Carolina, Kentucky, Vandy. I like Va Tech because they are a class act in football. But they could be changed for N. Carolina for the basketball and general recruiting advantage. The sad truth is, it would be better to get rid of Vandy and replace them with N. Carolina. Wow! What a Super Conference that would make in football, basketball, baseball, track and field, gymnastics and more and would bring in major tv markets from DC to Miami to Denver. RTR!

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