Projection: AU, Chizik to have great 2010 season

One of our regular Auburn fan readers provided his own outlook for the 2010 season. Some of his projections are startling. I made the editorial decision to create its own topic so more people would see it. It is safe to say that Auburn fans believe they are back. The spelling and other errors were not changed from the original posting.

AuburnTigerFan says:
Okay Bammers,
It is about time some of yall started seeing the writing on the outhouse wall. Now here’s how its gonna go down.

Auburn vs. Arkansas St.
auburn goes out with 1st game gitters and the Arkansas State crew score 39 points. But it owned by an Auburn team that scores 50.

Mississippi St.
Dan Mullen has done miracles at starkville but will get a chance to see what a true spread master can do when he runs into the offensive chainsaw known as the Gus Malzahn Auburn offense. Final score. MISS STATE 47 Auburn 48 in a TOTAL DOMINATION.

vs Clemson.
Auburn traditionally owns Clemson. Final score Auburn 63, Clemson 60. In an absolute beatdown.

vs. South Carolina
spurrier is a joke and always has been. he could never be the great coach that Gene chizik is.
Auburn 68, south Carolina 38. In a demoralizing loss for the cocks. (ha ha I said the cocks LMAO)

vs. La Monroe.
In a game that most Bammer fans would run from like the plague auburn completely owns the (Whatever the Lamo’s call themselves.) Auburn 127, LaMo 44.

vs. Kentucky.
Payback time, for a lucky win last season. Auburn injures so many UK players that the band is being subbed in by the 2nd quarter. A total massacre in a low scoring affair. Auburn 34, UK 32.

vs. Arkansas
Gene Chizik proves once and for all that Bobby Petrino didnt turn down AU way back when an knocks the slobber out of Petrino and his team in what can only be called sheer and utter domination. After the game expect petrino to get the ax.
Auburn 75, Arkansas 70.

vs. LSU
The Mad Hatter Lessmiles is losing it, wanna know why? i’ll tell you why. Auburn thats why. Gene Chizik will be the man proclaimed as the :the man who ended Lessmiles coaching career at LSU. Thus depriving the Saban of his glory and the justification that Saban built LSU up and Miles tore LSU down. After the game this year dont be surprised if Coach Chizik has to turn down a $100 million contract in Baton rouge.
Auburn 44, LSU 43

vs. Ole Miss.
Whats to say Houston Nutt is a great coach. But Gene Chizik is better. Why? Cause I say so.
Auburn 94, Ole MS. 73

vs. Chattanooga
auburn get the opportunity to show Bammer how it is done again.
Auburn 187, UChat 35

Vs. Georgie.
Richt is under the gun and once again Chizik will show why he is earning the reputation “the career killer”

UGA has been lucky and reeled of a string of wins in the series lately. But Coach Chizik will change that and beat UGA so bad that Richt will be beheaded after the game.
Auburn 66, UGA 38

vs. Alabama.
Dont get me started on the godless, inbred hordes of bammer trash.
Auburn 197, Bammer 0

SECCG Florida doesnt even bother to show up. winner…. Auburn.

Auburn and Missouri play in the first ever Championship game where both clubs run the spread. Auburn wins a shoothout 510- 495 in a game where the defenses never even take the field and both offenses line up against each other in a game were both teams score everytime one of their players touch the ball.
Afterward Gene Chizik will take off his shirt and throw it to a little boy in the tunnel in appreciation for a coke. and Gus malzahn will be nighted by queen Elizabeth.


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  1. 4

    No Sir wire2.
    Auburn will rule the football Universe. Havent you been reading Phillip Marshall and the blogs at That many people cant be wrong.
    Read kevin Sacrbinsky sometime. he tells it like it is. Chizik is just like Nick Saban. he just hasnt had as many wins (yet).
    I read lately where he had come up with even more simaliaritys between Chizik and Saban.
    Did you know that the names “Nick” and “Gene” have exactly 4 letters each?

    So guess what Bammers, I’ll tell you what. Expect Armegeddon this season. Chizik and the Auburn juggernaut are coming to take what manhood you had left after the Iron Bowl.

  2. 8

    et tu, julio?
    Et tu?

    But julio, all Im doing is pointing out the whys that justify your posts.
    Admit it.
    Cam Newton is the most wicked awesome QB in the SEC. Why? Ill tell you why. The blogs and the people who post on the at Al.Com think so. Now you and I both no that neither of us has ever seen him play a down. But our trusty reporters tell us how great he is …. so he must be great!
    These are the same reporters who have kept us informed for years. why would they lie or (get ready for a big word) distort the truth… they wouldnt.
    the only real liars are the liberal socialist thug Bammer liars. thats who. Bammer aint won 13 national championships and we moth know it. All you have to do is go to any educated Auburn blog and someone will tell you that after years of research they can debunk the bammer myth.
    The way I see it. You are an Auburn wannabe, Julio.
    Have you recently been in touch with your inner aubie?
    Here is a simple test.
    Can you identify the difference between cow droppings and horse droppings?
    Can your taste buds define the diference between Milwakee’s best and busch beer?
    Do you have a sticker that glorifies auburn whilst pissing off Bammers somewhere on your pickup?
    Do you talk about Bammers living in trailers and obscure the fact that you stayed in one on the Auburn campus?
    Have you ever flung a plastic bottle that is half full of tobacco spit at a rodeo referee?
    t is time to get back in touch with your inner auburn man Julio.
    The sooner the better.

  3. 9

    Basically, Allbarn will not have a defense this year, according to this article. Which is spot on. Unless these are basketball predictions.
    Cheez-it, realistically, might pull off four wins this year. Bless his heart, he is at allbarn.
    I am interested in the LSU prediction. LSU will beat allbarn like a drum- in spite of Les’s inability to coach. LSU will win because of their talent.

  4. 10

    That non existant defense put Mark Ingram out of the Iron bowl, and held your team to the fewest yards and points than anyone all season.

    Be proud.

  5. 11

    Really??? Are you 9 years old? Think about this…If ASU puts up 39 on you chumps (which im not ruling out),Miss state puts 47 on the board?!?!, ect ect…blah blah blah…what do you think Clemson and the upper shelant of SEC teams will do to you?! you think that this recruting class will instantly make you a force, it will help to an extent, but your still very slim as far as depth goes…..Barners prepare to get waxed!

  6. 13

    Even so…What I stated is fact.

    Like it or not our d will be better. We didnt lose but 3 players. Our depth will be better than last year. We will be a better team. You on the other hand …..Your team loses a lot on defense.

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