Editorial Cartoon: Pinocchi-Chiz

Remember when Chiz said Abarn was taking back the state?

So do three in-state Abarn QB’s that just got displaced by a juco Georgia peach.  Maybe he meant they were taking “back ups” from the state…

I guess lying is okay in the Ahwbun Fambly?  Think other in-state kids will catch on to the game?

And a little off the beaten path here…what exactly is the purpose of releasing a statement to the media eleven days after spring practice to name a starting QB?  Can you say, “Abarn needs media attention?”  Which is why we paint buses and name weekends and twirl towels and stage media events.

Wonder if all that’ll be necessary if he ever climbs above 8-5?  Like that will ever happen.

Oh well…just another day in the silly season we call April to July.