Editorial Cartoon: Pinocchi-Chiz

Remember when Chiz said Abarn was taking back the state?

So do three in-state Abarn QB’s that just got displaced by a juco Georgia peach.  Maybe he meant they were taking “back ups” from the state…

I guess lying is okay in the Ahwbun Fambly?  Think other in-state kids will catch on to the game?

And a little off the beaten path here…what exactly is the purpose of releasing a statement to the media eleven days after spring practice to name a starting QB?  Can you say, “Abarn needs media attention?”  Which is why we paint buses and name weekends and twirl towels and stage media events.

Wonder if all that’ll be necessary if he ever climbs above 8-5?  Like that will ever happen.

Oh well…just another day in the silly season we call April to July.


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  1. 1
    Alex Hamilton

    And it is another day added to the 52.5 years since the Barn got their last National Championship. Who needs winning when you can celebrate mediocrity?

    To use a line from our good friend, Crystal Bitches.

  2. 2

    No ITK, I don’t remember when Chizik said AU was “taking back the state”. Perhaps you can provide the date and location where he said it. All I remember is Chizik stating that AU would emphasize its recruiting efforts in the state of Alabama, and I think the results of that are showing pretty clearly.

    As to your feigned righteous indignation over the alleged “dishonest” selection of Newton over Caudle and Trotter for qb, boy you and Cappy really are willing to stretch to any level to garner discussion on this board.

    Finally, that’s funny that you say AU released a media statement naming Newton the starter. No, AU named Newton the starter in a private meeting btwn Chizik, Malzahn, and Newton and then disclosed it in a team meeting. Of course Chizik then responded to media inquiries with a statement, just like any other program would do under the same circumstances.

  3. 3

    No, I imagine Nick Saban would berate the reporter asking the question as to why it’s important to discuss starters at ANY position in April. But then again, BEING ground zero in college football fresh off a national championship makes cheap media ploys unnecessary.

    With “true journalists” like Charles Goldberg on the case for ya, do you think ANY info coming out of Lee County is spontaneous? Come on Julio…

  4. 4

    can anyone tell me why i keep hearing that auburn university won the national championship in1957? if i remember right alabama polytech won that national championship auburn university wasnt established until 1960 anywho….bonus question can anyone tell me the last time auburn was even ranked no.1 in a football poll? also coach cheesedik can so called STEAL all the recruits in the world but he still has to coach them. i say a non bcs conference team will win a national title in football before auburn ever does

  5. 5

    by the way julio if u are questioned by the media at an interview and u give the details of who has been named the starting qb that is releasing a media statement ya jerk off because its the medias job to report news dam are u that challenged seriously? but then again i could be wrong but why was it on the front page of the montgomery advertiser?hmmm thats a mystery!

  6. 6

    Dear ITK,

    We get it. You’re obsessed with every detail of Auburn’s program. You lay awake at night thinking about it, clutching your sister-cousin in terror. We hate that for you, but you’re living in a hell of your own making by being an insecure bammer. Clearly, your Uncle Daddy has raised you wrong.

    Auburn Fans

  7. 7

    …this coming from an Abarn fan who LIVES on this, a Bama site.

    Not sure, but I think the pot just called me black.

    Kev, I was just expecting another statement like “there are more trailers in Tuscaloosa County than Lee County” or some other ridiculous statement you’d pull straight out of your butt.

    After all, as established in this article, point #2:

    …you’re quite good at extracting “information” from your rectum and sharing them with the room as fact.

  8. 8

    the amazing fact is, We are the greatest team ever. Allbarn fans have to come here to soak in our glory. It makes them feel like a winner. Unfortunately, they can bathe in greatness here, but have to return to their pathetic allbarn team news. It rinse and repeat. Rtr, and yes, Crystal is quite refeshing.

  9. 9

    bamafan1977, you raise some interesting points my friend…

    bamamike, you’re dead on, pal.

  10. 10
    moral victor

    I’m not sure how “taking back the state” translates to “we only start people from the state”… but Atlanta is closer to Auburn than Birmingham, Leroy or Hoover.

  11. 11
    Kevin Scarbinsky

    Kevin Says:
    May 1st, 2010 at 10:35 am
    Dear ITK,

    We get it. You’re obsessed with every detail of Auburn’s program. You lay awake at night thinking about it, clutching your sister-cousin in terror. We hate that for you, but you’re living in a hell of your own making by being an insecure bammer. Clearly, your Uncle Daddy has raised you wrong.

    Auburn Fans

    So what are you saying Kev?
    That since incestuos relationships are are considered the norm in Lee County that EVERYONE else must live that way too?
    The short answer is “No” Kev.
    To the rest of of us, Uncle Dad, and Sleeping with our sister or cousin is considered abominable.
    But… in the feel good, Politically Correct age we live in today we will simply ignore the fact that you are possibly your own grandfather. Because we would hate to make you feel any less relevant.
    That would break our hearts.

  12. 12
    Kevin Scarbinsky

    But hey Kev look at it on the bright side, auburn is someday gonna rule the entire football world,If you dont believe me ask Phillip Marshall or Chuck Goldberg.

  13. 13
    Coach Pat Dye

    Hey Scarbinsky,
    You better not be making fun of my “Auburn Family”!!!
    We might bend a few rules but we dont cheat like them Bammers do. And if we wanna play hide the vienna sausage with our cousin Sally or roll a few trees at Tommer’s Corner that is our thing.
    Dont make me come and kick you in the balls boy.

  14. 14
    Coach Gene Chizik

    uh….I may have said I was taking my STEAK back. The slaughter house down here keeps fucking up and sending me shit that looks like sheep instead of Beef. If it werent being run by an Auburn Alum, I would have to buy anything there.

  15. 15

    bama77 after reading your mangled, illiiterate diatribe about 4 times I still don’t completely understand what you’re saying. However, I was able to decipher that you can’t tell the difference between accusing AU of simply releasing a statement to the media about the starting qb and releasing a statement to the media to name a starting qb, as ITK alleged. See, AU told Newton he was the starter, and then disclosed it in a team meeting. AU didn’t name Newton by way of a media statement.

    ITK, we’ll see next Spring if Saban refuses to even discuss the starting qb when McCarron and Rivers are going at it. And Star Jackson….Bwaaahhhhhh

  16. 16

    juli-ho do you know what the difference is between your knowledge of college football and a bucket of shit is?……….. the damn bucket. the only thing you know about auburn football is the streak. and you absolutely contradicted yourself in the statement you made to me. who in their right mind would ever name a starter by letting the media release it and not the tell the player? i dont recall anyone saying that. and another thing the only way auburn will ever win a national championship at jordan hare is if they install a damn swimming pool! so have ya self a nice tall glass of shut the hell up because the only one on here thats illiterate to facts about college football is you BOY!

  17. 17

    And the reason you still “don’t recall anyone saying that” after reading ITK’s article is your total lack of reading comprehension skills. Go back and get your GED, read the article again, and then maybe you’ll understand.

  18. 18

    Chiznit’s nose grew by a foot just last week when he so boldly proclaimed, “Tiger Prowl has nothing to do with recruiting.” What? The Barner boys just like to joy-ride?

  19. 19

    this discussion sounds just like that idiot, Shane from Centerpoint, who embarasses the rest of our great Bama fanbase. Like Shane, this site seems infatuated with worrying about anything Auburn does. Why can’t we have a site that is primarily “pro-Bama”, instead of “anti-Tennessee & Auburn”. As a lifelong bama fan, whose father played for the bear, and who graduated from UA also, i say “who gives a rats ass about Auburn & Tennessee”. Every time we mention them it just makes them that much more legit. Roll Tide, and get off the peon bashing.

  20. 20

    Well. Call it what you want to ITK. Bottom line is we are clearly getting our recruits. Regions and Doo-rag both were solid Bama leans and now have already signed for us. Spin away. Splain away. B.S. it away, but we are doing great recruiting. Now all we need is a defense.

  21. 21

    This just in…Spencer Region admitted that he’s still “a little interested” in Bama when directly confronted over the weekend. What to do bammers??? Do you stand by your guns and say the kid is a no-talent loser who you don’t want, or do you reverse course and sing the kid’s praises saying he’s the greatest o-lineman ever to play in the state on the off-chance that he might flip and sign with Bama?? Decisions, decisions…

  22. 23

    i think he will be more happy with the au at manure pile…. i hope we have no use for him this yr with numbers tight

  23. 28
    Tina Smith

    To Kevin Scarbinsky,

    If you are an Auburn fan, why do you choose to stay on the Alabama website so much? Some people are privileged and born bama fans, some are wannabe’s. I would put you in that second category. Keep dreamin! Auburn will ALWAYS be ALABAMA’S RED HEADED STEP CHILD. I guess if you had anything exciting about Auburn, you would be writing articles instead of visiting BAMA sites. Nothing does my heart good like seeing Auburn fans on a Bama site. Bama has been restored to the top where it belongs. If Auburn couldn’t win a National Championship when Alabama was down, what makes you think they can do it now with Saban in control! ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!

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