Recruit picked Alabama’s ‘family environment’ reports that the Alabama Crimson Tide landed a commitment from a tight end recruit out of Mississippi. Malcom Faciane is 6’6″, 265 lbs, according to Rivals.

“I basically decided on Alabama because it is a family environment and I felt at home every time I ever visited Tuscaloosa. I just got more and more comfortable with the coaching staff and my family really likes Coach Saban and the program,” said Faciane who picked the Tide over offers from Ole Miss and Southern Miss.

According to the Picayune Item, “tight end Malcolm Faciane was selected to the second team offense” of the Class 5A All-State team.

A-Day looms as an important recruiting tool for several top prospects in the 2011 class. A large crowd would continue Alabama’s recruiting momentum.


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    I thought only Auburn had the “Family Environment”. Ask DeRon Furr. They ganged up on him and beat the crap out of him on the practice field while Tubby and the barbecue boys watched.

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    Allbarn has a great family atmosphere. They can’t win, but they are happy. “A happy family that loses”, is a good discription.

  3. 7

    You idiots will soon get the death penalty let alone getting hammered by LSU in baseball this wkend..GL with that. You cheaters are a joke. You win the NC and you idiots are still not happy. What a miserable life you all

  4. 9
    alex hamilton

    All this post did was refute the specious nonsense that the fat guy in the purple polka dot tie from Cullman wanted to spew as to Alabama “not being family”. What Chris Farley, er, Spencer Region was trying to say is that he wanted to go where he felt wanted. Or, to be honest, Region wanted to go where he wouldn’t sit the bench.

    As for happy, I am very happy. Every Alabama fan is happy. We are so happy we don’t care about “spring sports”. You won’t see us wondering aloud about swimming and diving, much less baseball. We are at the pinnacle of contentment. And I, for one, don’t give a shit about college baseball. It’s basically fast pitch softball. It’s
    a waste of time and a distraction from February to May. In other words, it’s irrelevant.

    Happiness is being with the one you love during good times. I actually got to see my alma mater win the National Championship this past year; TWICE!!!! When the Barn wins an SEC Championship Game against the so-called greatest team ever, then come talk shit Michelle. It don’t get more happier than that! But aside from a simple SEC Championship, when will the Barn win its National Championship? I wrote it down when Tommy told me to write it down?

    Face it, the only unhappy, restless bitches in this state wear orange. Because if you wear orange, you got your ass kicked by Alabama and you had to sit and watch while those “idiots and cheaters” celebrated. We won the National Championship, something the Barn can’t and won’t do in your lifetime. Get ready for another Outback Bowl AllBarn fans! And remember, to get your tickets to that average bowl game all you have to do is dial the same number as your one and only probation riddled National Championship season, FROM OVER 50 YEARS AGO, AUB-1957. Hell, call now! I’m sure they still need money to reimburse the athletic department for the 2 million dollars in tickets that the University of Cows had to eat from last year’s game. Make your pledge to the loser family today! AUB-1957!!!!!

    From the very bottom of my happy heart I do say, Fuck you Michael! 2010 National Champions Bitch!

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    Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy far far away. FormerlyE.G. White

    Baseball? Baseball? Are you serious? What fucking loser taunts about winning a baseball game in the SEC? Oh yeah, one of our pathetic rivals who can’t beat us in football! Do we even have a baseball team? Do we have a cricket team? Hell who knows. Who cares? Oh by the way asshole, our baseball team whipped A-barns ass 2 out of 3 games recently. And since A-barn took 3 from LSWho, it doesn’t look too good for the corndogs against us this weekend. Now eat shit and die! RTR!

  6. 13

    Wrong dumbarse you best look at the schedule again. We won two…You morons won two.. You dumb fuck.. See we have gotten better.. You all have gotten worse. On the message boards when you nuts started off good, you all sure were bragging then about baseball. You dumb fuck.. You best hope you get to hoover..Well beat your ass..And you best hope we dont beat yo ass in football this yr. Cuz if we do you will all look like the dumbass cheating bastards you are. LSU is gonna sweep yo ass. GL with that.

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