Alabama announces A-Day roster

Just in via email is the Alabama Crimson Tide’s A-Day game roster.

“We had two good days of work this week,” Alabama Crimson Tide football head coach Nick Saban said after Thursday’s practice. “We were pleased the players sort of stayed with it. We feel like it is important that we have purposeful practices each and every day we go out there. It is important to improve and important to get better.”

Any thoughts on the player list below?

Oh, and the broadcast team will be Rece Davis, Craig James, Mark May and Wendi Nix.

2 Tana Patrick LB
4 Marquis Maze WR
8 Julio Jones WR
9 Phelon Jones DB
10 John Fulton DB
10 J.B. Kern LB
12 Greg McElroy QB
14 Andrew Davidson DB
14 Phillip Sims QB
15 Darius Hanks WR
15 Mark Holt DB
17 Tyler Maddox DB
18 Rod Woodson DB
19 Jonathan Atchison LB
22 Mark Ingram RB
24 Nathan McAlister WR
26 Nick Tinker RB
28 DeMarcus Milliner DB
31 Kelly Johnson DS
31 John Baites TE
32 David Blalock DL
34 Jeramie Griffin RB
34 Hunter Bush DB
35 Nico Johnson LB
37 Hardie Buck WR
38 Levi Cook DB
40 DeMarcus DuBose LB
42 Eddie Lacy RB
45 Kolby Taylor PK
45 Jalston Fowler LB
46 Wesley Neighbors DB
47 Ed Stinson LB
48 Rowdy Harrell LB
49 Ranzell Watkins DB
50 Andrew Schieffer LB
51 Michael DeJohn LB
53 Anthony Orr DL
54 Glenn Harbin LB
55 Chavis Williams LB
60 David Williams OL
63 Kellen Williams OL
64 Kerry Murphy DL
65 Chance Warmack OL
68 Taylor Pharr OL
69 Spencer Whitfield DS
73 William Vlachos OL
74 David Ross OL
75 Barrett Jones OL
76 D.J. Fluker OL
77 James Carpenter OL
81 Kendall Kelly WR/DB
82 Earl Alexander WR
85 Preston Dial TE
89 Michael Williams TE
90 Jeremy Shelley PK
90 Milton Talbert LB
92 Damion Square DL
92 Jason Walter P
93 Chris Bonds DL
93 Jay Benson P
94 Darrington Sentimore DL
94 Parker Stinnett PK
95 Brandon Lewis DL
95 Colin Gallagher PK
97 Brandon Moore DL
97 Sam Buckingham P
Jim McElwain, Burton Burns, Bo Davis, Jeremy Pruitt

1 B.J. Scott DB
2 Star Jackson QB
3 Trent Richardson RB
4 Mark Barron DB
5 Jerrell Harris LB
6 Demetrius Goode RB
7 Kenny Bell WR
9 Nick Williams WR
10 A.J. McCarron QB
11 Brandon Gibson WR
13 Rob Ezell WR
16 Michael Adams WR
17 Brad SmelleyTE
18 Morgan Ogilvie
QB 19 Roland James WR
20 Nate Carlson TE
21 Ben Howell RB
21 Dre Kirkpatrick DB
23 Robby Green DB
23 Craig Dee RB
29 Will Lowery DB
30 Dont’a Hightower LB
33 Mike Marrow TE
36 Chris Jordan LB
37 Robert Lester DB
38 Petey Smith LB
39 Kyle Pennington DB
41 Courtney Upshaw LB
43 Cade Foster PK
43 Taylor Conant WR
46 William Strickland WR
47 Logan Thomas WR
51 Carson Tinker DS
52 Alfred McCullough OL
54 Russell Raines OL
56 William Ming DL
57 Marcell Dareus DL
57 Aaron Joiner OL
58 Nick Gentry DL
61 Anthony Steen OL
66 Brian Motley OL
67 John Michael Boswell OL
71 Allen Skelton OL
72 Tyler Love OL
78 Chad Lindsay OL
79 Austin Shepherd OL
83 Kevin Norwood WR
86 Undra Billingsley DL
87 Drew Bullard LB
87 Chris Underwood TE
88 Michael Bowman WR
91 Alex Watkins LB
94 Zach Goehler P
96 Luther Davis DL
99 Josh Chapman DL
Kirby Smart, Sal Sunseri, Curt Cignetti, Joe Pendry, Bobby Williams

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  1. 1
    Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy far far away. FormerlyE.G. White

    Just a couple of observations. I can’t believe Nico isn’t listed with the first team D. For that matter I can’t believe Tana and Square aren’t either. What’s up with that? I know Nicos been hurt a bit and probably won’t play, but there’s plenty of LB’s to go around, so a starting animal from last year should be listed with the 1st team anyway. I can’t make it to the game like I have the last 2 years. But I’ll be watching it from Buffalo Wild Wings in North Brunswick, NJ. Com’on guys lets get the attendance record back from Ohio St. Our stadium is bigger than theirs now. Let’s have the first spring game with over 100,000! RTR

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