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    Ballplay Indian

    That is what politics has always been. The difference is that in the 17 and 1800’s people saw what wsa happening as an actual infringement on their rights and did something about it. If I am correct the actual Boston tea Party happened because of a 1 cent tax raise. Think about that.

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    I don’t think politics has always been like this. Is it rough? Yes. Have some people crossed the line? Of course.

    But this move to discredit political rivals is something I’d expect to see from the old Soviet Union, and not political rivals in the United States.

    As for the Boston Tea Party, it wasn’t the tax that was the problem. It was the principle of the thing—Parliament raised the tax without consulting the local assemblies. The British constitution required taxes be approved by the people’s representatives. In England this was Parliament. In the colonies this was the properly constituted assemblies chartered by the Crown.

    When Parliament levied the tax, it circumvented the usual constitutional protections since colonials had no representation in the Parliament in London. This was the crux of opposition to taxation in the colonies. And this was why most of the early language of protest were not directed at King George III, but rather at his ministers in Parliament.

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    The thing these idiots don’t understand is regular folk aren’t scared or backing down anymore. I will be at the tea party in trussville tomorrow. I will not silently stand by for one of these fools. There will be confrontation. The obamabots have trouble on their hands because we are taking off work, losing money to fight this and they know it.

    Calling us racists and teabaggers ain’t gonna fly anymore. It just makes us more resolute.

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    When the American people want the border closed and our government won’t do it….

    When the American people don’t want wall st. bailed out and they do it anyway…..

    When the American people don’t want the healthcare boondoggle and they jam it down our throats……

    We get people elected to change things then they make stupid confederate history month declarations like the idiot in Virginia……


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    You know what when they play the race card I laugh. Who cares if your called a racist from a lib or lefty. They use the word so much it doesn’t mean anything now. Hopefully we can take back congress with some real conservative and at least slow the obum machine down.

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    crimson hammah

    when they take away the guns and forced unionship and force liberals into conservative media and forced homos on to church staffs

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    The govmt needs to leave me the hell alone. Now I know how the founding fathers felt when the English wouldnt stop pesterin the hell out em. It’s heading in that direction. They already tax the crap out of us.

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    Bm, the fact is the govmt’s NOT going to leave you alone.

    Why does the gov. use business to collect their money?? Ever really thought about that?? I think of my tax debt as a bill just like my power bill or gas bill. What would happen if we all paid our tax bill every month out of pocket??

    If your cell phone carrier charges you for something you feel is wrong, what do you do? You get on the phone and get involved. That’s what Washington doesn’t want. They want the business you work for to nickel and dime you for money you don’t see while you run the wheel like a good rat.


    The tea partiers are INVOLVED! That’s why we must be extinguished, demagogued, trashed.

    Today, tomorrow, from now on, get in their faces. Because they’re NOT going to leave you alone.

    Just ask Thomas Jefferson.

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    Ballplay Indian

    Cap. Guess I should have clarified….IT WAS the principle of the thing. Just like now. I know this, there is no such thing as good government. The least government possible to maintain order and prtect the people is all the founding fathers wanted for this country. Far from what we have now.

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    Sorry if I sounded condescending Ballplay. One of the things that irritates me is when Marxists attribute the American Revolution to simple economic goals. It was more than that.

    And you are right, the Founders intended a limited government. That is why I wrote the essay a few weeks ago about the Commerce Clause. I was struck by how far the Commerce Clause power has been stretched by the courts. The intent of the Founders was a limited national government, and to limit state governments. That is one thing that is missed by lots of people—but the Founders wanted to encourage economic growth by protecting life, liberty and property at both the national and local level. That is why the constitution included the limitations on states (Commerce Clause, Contracts, etc.). In the early days of the Republic, states were far more destructive of personal rights than the federal government.

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    Ballplay Indian

    Its simply amazing how 50 years of gravy have caused the American public to form a sheep mentality. Sad.

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