Crimson Tide briefing: QBs & defense

Bama QBs
The Anniston Star provides an update on Alabama’s quarterback situation. It looks good for the future as the young quarterbacks continue to develop.

On the issue of quarterbacks, Mr. College Football provides an overview of the quarterback situation in the SEC. He had this to say about Alabama Crimson Tide quarterback Greg McElroy: “Led his team to a national championship last season and is 29-0 as a starter dating back to high school. He completed almost 61 percent of his passes last season for 17 touchdowns and only four interceptions. Redshirt freshman AJ McCarron is the backup and is going to be very, very good.” He says that McElroy and Arkansas quarterback Ryan Mallet are the only two returning solid locks.

Damion Square is recovering well
The Tuscaloosa News provides this update on Square. “I’m pretty close to 100 percent. I try to practice every day like I’m 100 percent, because I get evaluated like I’m 100 percent,” Square said.

He also explained what it is like to recover from this knee surgery. “(I’m) just trying to get stability back in my leg, and trust,” Square said. “That’s the hardest part of rehab, just getting the trust back in your mind that you can go 100 percent. There was some doubt at the beginning. They evaluated it on the run. I practiced the first practice, and they thought I did real good. I surprised myself, and came back and they tried it again. It hasn’t been hurting, so I’ve been going full speed ahead.” You can read much more at the Tuscaloosa News website.

Defensive standout
Chris Low asks, “Has there been a more dominant player this spring in the SEC than Alabama junior defensive end Marcell Dareus?”

Dareus provides a nice quote too: ““We’re looking for leaders on defense with all the guys we lost, and that’s something I’m ready to take on,” Dareus said. “We’re all looking for our own identity this year. We’re not the team we were last year. We’re not the team we were two years ago. We are this team now.

“It’s all about what this team can do, and I like the hunger I see out there.”


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