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    Is anyone else sick of all the Duke hate out there. They are a class program with a class coach. The way some people go after them you would think they were the 80’s hurricanes complete with camo fatigues.

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    If that dude would of made that half-court shot which i thought he actually might … it would of been one of the best memories I could of thought of. A buzzer beater from half court — fear that.

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    Three things in response to W’s friend.
    1. The report is seven years old and comes from an area that lost a home grown guy in Slidell to a Private school in North Carolina. I am not sure what nola.php is but I bet it lacks the Time Picayune’s creditability.
    2. Which big time program in basketball or football do you think does not have boosters that help the families of recruits, player and former players.
    3. Just type out your response it looks silly to space that much between every word.

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